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Buying Silver Jewelry: Things To Look Out For By: Hazel Smith | Sep 3rd 2006 – If you are looking into purchasing silver jewelry you have to be the judge as to whether the jewelry is real and how much you can get it for. With silver jewelry, before buying, you must look at the markings on the piece of jewelry and make sure that it has a U.S. registered trademark of a reputable .pany or individual th … Tags: Tired Of Dull Jewelry? Are You Settling For Second Best? Diamonds Are The Answer. By: kalwant Rana | Sep 2nd 2006 – Are your tired of dull jewelry with no lustre? When was the last time your jewelry stood out more than your dress? Settling for second best? Tags: How To Prevent Shoplifting At Your Jewelry Booth By: Rena Klingenberg | Aug 27th 2006 – If you sell your handcrafted jewelry at shows, fairs, or festivals, you should know how prevent shoplifters from stealing your jewelry right out of your booth. Awareness of how thieves operate is your best defense. Here are .mon shoplifting ploys used by thieves at art and craft shows. Tags: Sell More Jewelry This Year: Hold An Early Holiday Shopping Show By: Rena Klingenberg | Aug 27th 2006 – Watch your sales soar at a time of year when sales are normally slowest by inviting your jewelry customers to an Early Holiday Shopping Show. Here’s how you can encourage your customers to attend your show, and ways you can make the event more profitable for your jewelry business. Tags: About Custom Made Jewelry By: Roy Dietelzieg | Aug 20th 2006 – Jewelry is one of the most personal things you can give someone as a gift, a jewelry that has a story to tell, that was given for a reason from someone and for something is always much more precious than the price of the stones and gems in the jewelry itself. The history of jewelry is in fact the story of cus … Tags: How To Use Jewelry Store Software To Increase Sales Through E-mail By: Cheree Dohmann | Jul 28th 2006 – Do you have a customer e-mail list? If you have installed a quality jewelry store software program, the answer is probably yes. But are you using your jewelry store software effectively? If not, you could be missing some important sales and profits. Jewelry Store Software: An E-Mail Campaign Be … Tags: Men- How To Buy Diamond Jewelry For Your Loved Ones By: Maya Abitbol | Jul 27th 2006 – Choosing the perfect diamond jewelry for your loved ones is often very difficult. Five easy steps will help you find what you are looking for. Tags: How To Sell Jewelry Wholesale By: Ray McNally | Jul 19th 2006 – If you are a creative person, with a great sense of style and flair, you may be able to start your own business "�" making and selling jewelry wholesale. Because people are so very unique, they want jewelry pieces that are unique "�" one-of-a-kind pieces that nobody else in the world owns! This desire can make you quite a b … Tags: Popular Designs In Silver Jewelry By: Michele Oberton | Jul 11th 2006 – Sterling silver jewelry has long been considered one of the most popular with designs that mimic the finest of gold and diamonds. Everything from the byzantine to the vite, also known as nails head, design is made available at a fraction of the cost when .pared to their gold .petitors. Also popular among … Tags: How To Select Bridal Jewelry By: Ray Galeotti | Jun 15th 2006 – Plan everything in advance – the wedding type, the location, the bridal attire, the hairdo and also learn how to select bridal jewelry at EvesAddication… Tags: Indian Jewelry By: sachin kumar | Jun 13th 2006 – Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of jewelry including silver plated jewelry, gold jewelry, religious jewelry, children jewelry, men jewelry, crystal & glass jewelry, body jewelry, women jewelry, diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry like bracelets. bangles, earrings and necklaces from india. Tags: The First Jewelry: Early Humans Were Into Beauty, Too! By: Kimberly Francis | Jun 8th 2006 – When do you think humans started wearing jewelry? Five hundred years ago? Five thousand? Five million? A few years ago, a group of researchers led by Christopher Henshilwood of the State University of New York at Stony Brook discovered what it believes is the "��earliest jewelry"�� in the South African Blombus Cave. Surpris … Tags: Jewelry Meaning In The Jewish Tradition By: David Weitzman | Jun 3rd 2006 – The Hamesh hand or Hamsa hand is a popular motif in Jewish jewelry. Arab cultures often refer to it as the Hand of Fatima, which represents the Hand of G-d. Tags: How To Give The Gift Of Fine Jewelry By: Kerri Stalton | Apr 30th 2006 – Fine jewelry is one of the most luxurious and exquisite gifts that you can give for a holiday or a special occasion. However, picking out the perfect piece for a loved one isn"��t always easy. Everyone has their own unique tastes when it .es to fine jewelry, so choosing a piece that the recipient will wear often requires … Tags: Sterling Silver Jewelry Basics By: Roy Dietelzieg | Apr 22nd 2006 – Sterling silver is gradually .ing back to fashion, as many jewelry savvy shopper know, this affordable jewelry is making a .eback on the expense of the more traditional gold jewelry. If you are not familiar with sterling silver jewelry you should know that it has been around for a long time, the main prob … Tags: How To Clean Jewelry By: Lavinia Snider | Mar 12th 2006 – Caring for and cleaning jewelry doesn"��t have to be difficult, but it is important that you do so carefully to prevent damage and possibly help to ensure a longer life. Well cared for jewelry will stand the test of time and have a much nicer appearance than jewelry that is generally left to collect dust and grime without b … Tags: Jewelers In Jaipur For Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry And Diamond Jewelry By: Ken | Mar 7th 2006 – The jewelers in Jaipur are known for their well-crafted jewelry. From traditional to contemporary designs all of them are available with the Jewelers in Jaipur. Tags: Buying Jewelry Online: How To Choose The Right .pany By: dave4 | Mar 3rd 2006 – There can be many advantages to buying fine jewelry online "�" with savings being one of the major factors. Tags: Bridal Fashion Jewelry By: Lisa Arons | Feb 26th 2006 – Jewellery (spelled jewelry in American English) refers to ornamental devices worn by persons, typically made with gems and precious metals. Costume jewelry is made from less valuable materials. However, jewelry can and has been made out of almost every kind of material. Examples include bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earr … Tags: Gold Jewelry "�" The Finest Jewelry By: Ken | Feb 23rd 2006 – Gold jewelry is loved by all and also looks beautiful in whatever manner it is worn. Indian gold jewelry is famous for its exquisite designs all over the world. Tags: Costume Jewelry – Fashion Statement By: Ken | Feb 9th 2006 – Costume jewelry is chiefly fashion jewelry, which adds style to the wearer. Costume jewelry is very much in demand these days because of its style. Tags: Different Types And Styles Of Jewelry Boxes By: James Hunt | Dec 26th 2005 – What are jewelry boxes? Jewelry boxes, as the name implies, are used to hold jewelry, there are so many different types and styles of jewelry boxes… Tags: Birthstone Jewelry Makes A Great Gift By: Amber Lowery | Dec 7th 2005 – If there is such a thing as a gift you cant go wrong with, birthstone jewelry would probably be it. Birthstone jewelry makes a personal, thoughtful and reasonable priced gift suitable for women, young and old. Tags: 相关的主题文章: