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Jia Yubao: in the face of "people suing officials", how can the government "hide and seek"? – Sohu commented that because of its land use certificate was changed by the government registered under the name of others, Huayin Lee sued the illegal administration of the Huayin municipal government, called for the resumption of their land use rights. During the half year of litigation, the defendant Huayin municipal government neither responded nor appeared in court. After the Weinan intermediate court made and served the administrative decision, the Huayin municipal government remained indifferent. (February 17th China Merchants daily), "see the people do not see the official" almost become the "people suing officials" case in the trial process of normality. According to incomplete statistics, only 10% of the cases responsible for the cases appear in court. Most of the administrative organs appeal to the lawyer in court, but it is difficult for lawyers to truly understand the background information and specific administrative process of administrative behavior, which is not conducive to resolving conflicts and resolving disputes. In August 25, 2014, the amendment to the administrative procedure law (Draft) was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for deliberation. The draft proposed for the first time, "people suing officials" cases, the administrative organs "chief executive" should appear in court, but in reality, "people suing officials" can not see the official. The basic reason why the administrative organ is unwilling to appear in court is the "official standard" thought. In the lawsuit of "people suing officials", the plaintiff is usually a citizen individual, and most of them are the most common people, and they are relative vulnerable groups. Responsible for the people in the administrative organs, and ordinary people "court", "shame" is "embarrassing" things. This reflects the great influence of the idea of "official standard" on officials, reflecting the bad mentality of ignoring public demands. We can not avoid that, more than 2000 years of feudal social thought to people’s traditional concept of deep-rooted, so that people feel "officials’ butt can not touch."". For example, the Qing law stipulates: "mingaoguan such as sub patricide, sit a fifty, although the victory also awarded two thousand in the recession." Look, this is the feudal society. A helpless old people didn’t want to go to the "official", first to fifty lashes or stick. If you win, you’ll be sentenced to two thousand exile. What if it fails? Do you say it, you know?. Influenced by this thought, in the case of "people suing officials" in the reality, the behavior of the head of the administrative unit does not show up is well understood. In the face of Lee’s lawsuit in Huayin municipal government, the whole process from first to last, like nothing happened, so calm is really surprising, it is not only a disregard of public demands, it is disregard of law. The relevant legal provisions of administrative litigation, "the defendant by the court summons, without justified reasons refused to appear in court, the court can propose judicial advice on disciplinary action."". This means that if the administrative unit does not cooperate with the "people suing officials" lawsuit, and does not appear in court without justified reasons, it may be punished. We don’t want to watch "the defendant through numerous processing administrative organs mingaoguan", but the administrative organs should realize soberly, actively cooperate with and support the people’s courts to exercise jurisdiction, supporting sound system to strengthen their awareness of being responsible for the people, is the right way. "People suing officials" reflects the progress of the society, and reflects socialism is "everyone is equal before the law" society. In the country where the people are masters of the country, administrative treasure

贾玉宝:面对“民告官”,政府岂能“躲猫猫”-搜狐评论  由于自己的土地使用证被政府变更登记在别人名下,华阴李女士状告华阴市政府违法行政,要求恢复自己的土地使用权。在半年诉讼期内,被告华阴市政府既不应诉也不出庭,渭南中院作出并送达行政判决后,华阴市政府依然不闻不问。(2月17日《华商报》)  “只见民不见官”几乎成了“民告官”案件审判过程中的常态。据不完全统计,行政机关负责人出庭应诉的案件仅占一成多。大多数行政机关都以委托律师出庭的形式应诉,而律师很难真正深入了解行政行为的背景信息和具体行政流程,不利于矛盾的化解和纠纷的解决。  2014年8月25日,《行政诉讼法修正案(草案)》提请全国人大常委会审议。该草案首次提出,“民告官”案件,行政机关“一把手”应出庭应诉,而现实中却是“民告官”根本见不到官。  行政机关负责人不愿意出庭的根本原因还是“官本位”思想作祟。“民告官”诉讼中,原告往往是公民个人,而且多数是最普通的人民群众,是相对的弱势群体。在行政机关负责人看来,与普通百姓“对簿公堂”,是“丢脸”“尴尬”的事情。这集中反映出“官本位”思想对官员的巨大影响,反映出漠视公众诉求的不良心态。  我们不能回避的是,2000余年的封建社会思想让人们的传统观念根深蒂固,让人们觉得“官员的屁股摸不得”。例如,大清律规定:“民告官如子杀父,先坐笞五十,虽胜亦判徙二千里。”瞧瞧吧,这就是封建社会。一个无所依靠的老百姓蒙冤,想要去“告官”,先要挨五十鞭子或棍子。即便是胜了,也要判流放两千里。假如败了呢?还用说吗,你懂的。受这种思想的影响,现实中“民告官”案件中,行政单位负责人不露面的行为就好理解了。  华阴市政府面对李女士的诉讼,整个过程从头至尾置之不理,就像啥事都没发生一样,如此“淡定”确实让人惊讶,这不仅是漠视公众诉求,更是漠视法律。行政诉讼相关法律规定,“被告经法院传票传唤,无正当理由拒不到庭,法院可以提出关于处分的司法建议”。这就意味着,行政单位如果不配合“民告官”的诉讼,无正当理由不出庭,可能要受到处分。我们不希望通过对行政机关的处理警醒“民告官”的众多被告,但是行政机关应该清醒地认识到,积极地配合、支持人民法院行使审判权,健全自身应诉的配套制度,强化为民负责意识才是正道。  “民告官”体现了社会的进步,体现了社会主义是“法律面前人人平等”的社会。在人民当家作主的国家里,行政机关及其工作人员应当是“人民的公仆”,理应接受人民监督,如果行政机关出现行政违法或滥用职权行为,就应该受到人民法院的审判。  面对“民告官”的行政诉讼,行政单位靠“躲猫猫”“隐身术”行不通。官员出庭与原告平等对话,尊重普通公民诉求,尊重法律的权威,不仅丢不了“面子”,还会保住“里子”,只有与原告坦诚相待,平等交流,纠偏改错,才能符合民意,更能赢得民心。  文 贾玉宝相关的主题文章: