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Jingzhou police traced the red shoe marks   strong on the journey – Hubei Kai Jun Lu channel people.com.cn people.com.cn Jingzhou on 23 October, in commemoration of the victory of the Red Army on the occasion of 80th anniversary, Hubei Provincial Armed Police Corps detachment of Jingzhou city officers and soldiers to resident retired cadres visit condolences revolutionary veteran Xie Qing canal, listen to him once the battle course, explore red, red riding to find memory footprint. Xie spent his whole life, has participated in the Laiwu, Xu Dong, Jiaodong, Lunan, Zhoushan, Huaihai Campaign, won the three Liberation Medal, medal of independence and freedom, independent Merit Medal etc.. The winter of 1946, in a world of ice and snow in the old Xie Wade fought in the leg is unaware of it, was found beside his comrades until come ashore, he will remove warheads from leg with a knife, after a simple dressing to fight germs due to severe infection, the doctor advised amputation, Xie Laosi admitted a decision not to amputation, "keep healthy to war, indomitable will to overcome the disease, and eventually recovered. And after that, the old Xie and two serious wounds, one in 1947 in the fight against the enemy, was shot in the arm, there is a spring in the battle of Laiwu hit back. More than half a century later, Xie Laoshen once wounds had healed, but that one cannot erase the scars. Although already 93 years old, but Xie old gas full, loud voice, especially the officers and soldiers speak of their own fighting process, Xie Lao not only clear thinking, fresh memories, talk about emotional, thanks to old will always improve the volume. Xie Lao has repeatedly stressed that even calling officers and soldiers is to have faith, to listen to the party’s words, follow the party. When the officers asked Xie old chest that a gold medal came from work, he always said he did not work, just work, received only three minor injuries, set up three small power. The detachment of soldiers Fang Mingwei said: "we have come here today to listen to the old revolutionary predecessors about their revolutionary experience, deeply moved, himself as an armed police should listen to the party to do so, go to the party, in order to achieve a goal of strengthening the military forces contribute." "Looking at the old ancestors that one look at his chest wounds, a gold legion of merit, listen to his description of the scenes that the picture, this is the heart of the impact and the baptism of the soul, learn the spirit of the Long March, learning the heroic deeds of our ancestors, is our contemporary soldier Shi Zhiqiang in the goal to win the new on the journey to the gas station and propeller." Ceng Chunli, deputy director of the Political Department of the detachment, who led the officers and men to participate in the activities, said. (Zhou Bibo Liu Jinhan Luo Xun) to (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 荆州武警踏寻红色履痕 强军路上启征程–湖北频道–人民网 人民网荆州10月23日电 在纪念红军长征胜利80周年之际,武警湖北省总队荆州市支队组织官兵到驻地干休所看望慰问革命老前辈谢清渠,听他讲曾经的战斗历程,探寻红色记忆、踏寻红色履痕。 谢老戎马一生,先后参加过莱芜、鲁南、胶东、徐东、淮海、舟山等战役,荣获三级解放奖章、独立自由奖章、独立功勋荣誉章等。1946年冬,谢老在冰天雪地里涉水作战,腿部中弹却浑然不觉,直到快上岸时被身边战友发现,自己用刀子将弹头从腿部取出,简单包扎后继续战斗,后因病菌感染严重,医生建议截肢,谢老思考良久决定不截肢,“留着健全之身继续抗战”,以顽强的意志战胜病魔,并最终伤愈。而这之后,谢老还有两次严重战伤,一次是1947年在对敌战斗中,右臂中弹,还有一次是莱芜战役中弹片击中背部。 半个多世纪过去了,谢老身上曾经的战伤早已愈合,但是那一个个伤痕却无法磨灭。虽然已经93岁高龄,但谢老中气十足,声音洪亮,特别是和官兵讲起自己的战斗历程,谢老不仅思路清晰、记忆犹新,讲到动情处谢老还总会提高音量。 谢老一再强调甚至嘱咐官兵当兵就是要有信仰,要听党的话、跟党走。当官兵询问起谢老胸前那一枚枚功勋章的来历时,他又总是说自己没有功劳,只是有苦劳,只是受了三次小伤,立了三次小功。 该支队战士方铭伟感言:“今天我们来到这里聆听革命老前辈讲述他们的革命经历,深受感动,自己作为一名武警战士应该要做到听党话、跟党走,为实现强军目标贡献自己的一份力量。” “看着老前辈身上那一个个伤痕,看着他胸前一枚枚功勋章,再听他描述的那一幕幕抗战画面,这是对心灵的冲击和灵魂的洗礼,学习长征精神,学习先辈们的英雄事迹,是我们当代军人矢志强军目标谋打赢新征程上的加油站和推进器。”带领官兵参加活动的该支队政治处副主任曾春利如是说。(周碧波 刘金汉 罗洵) 分享到: (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: