Journey 2 piece of information on the birth of newborn female children on the line to send 15

"Journey 2" piece of information to procreate new on-line to send 15 sets of stars today 17, "Journey 2" new material piece "procreate" popular clothing articles new shock struck, many new systems, new gameplay, new popularity, super welfare, swept in, this time, is destined to be passion. The new piece of information details: Name: havingchildren (double) popular service welfare inventory: – New all send 15 sets of stars, get rid of the trumpet hat do you God, is the main battlefield in the history of consumer; return time can be transformed into the national wealth; Li Yuezhan, win million cards: family gathers, China Yuezhan battle, battle commander Yuezhan, more passionate, more abundant reward; Li family gathers packs free collar, and transfer to the resurrection stone, PK must fight not flustered. In addition, this piece of information area launched more than 20 welfare activities, and improve the level of online attendance, etc. you can easily accept, enjoy the "nouveau riche" pleasure.   the birth of a child to him, daughters are calendar by one and a half years hone, "Journey 2" "procreate" finally on the line, the child as a new generation of power, strength can not be ignored, will lead to a reshuffle of the battlefield ranking. The ability of each child is different, mainly in addition to attributes, skills, etc.. The child’s strength will direct role in the parents, the parents fighting an instant surge, so, whether nanwa or female, as long as the property is good, strong skills, will be a treasure. The child’s strength how fate? For example: the immune damage strong reflection reflection, finally ushered in the soul connection Buster; parents, h39ing a two pronged approach more powerful; the skills of immediate cooling, the output frequency increased dramatically, combat is infinite. Of course, these are just baby strength of the tip of the iceberg, strong child was born, will bring the passion you.   three new attacking play, this time will be boiling which Battlefield Heroes do not go on fighting? "Journey 2" new material piece "procreate" for the love and the part for a PK feast, three new gameplay features introduced, ignite your desire to fight. New occupation: two new occupation violence output – the divine archer & dark mage, a violent group to attack the king, enjoy the harvesting head in the melee; a single output of violence king, single P invincible invincible strength. The new battlefield: Tianwaitian defined battlefield of the new rules, individual strength is no longer the king, strategy is king. The strength of stratification, battlefield more fair, the opponent does not rely on the strength of rolling out, only by tactics.   the new national war: the national war targets on the line, the completion of the national war stage goals can be rewarded. In the war "reward" mechanism, as long as the war can be paid, the war will inspire the whole. Three new features introduced, this time, the journey of the battlefield will rise again, the 2.   model; burden swept, easy to enjoy PK service on-line game hi popularity everyone send 15 sets of stars, send massive benefits, ensure that each game player in the early game, can grow better. Not only that, "Journey 2" gameplay burden increase efforts, in addition to reduce the main task and a single term.相关的主题文章: