Kim Jeong-eun wants to build 3000 tons of strategic submarines, if successful statue of the person i-aspack

Kim Jeong-eun wants to build a 3000 ton submarine if successful strategy to the responsible person statue – Sohu Military Channel foreign media said North Korean leader Kim Jeong-eun ordered the construction of the new submarine, so Pyongyang can have the ability to launch submarine launched ballistic missiles. According to the Associated Press reported on 26 August, Kim Jeong-eun had ordered the Korean Labor Party cadres in September 9, 2018 (which is also the 70 anniversary of the establishment of the North Korean government on the occasion of the completion of the construction of new submarines). According to the report, the order was issued in June 2015. It is said that Kim Jeong-eun on the military official said, if successful, he will be a statue for the latter. Displacement of 2000 tons of Sinpo class submarines can only carry up to 1 missiles. It is believed that 24 submarine launched ballistic missile is the submarine. With the existing technology, the submarine can only launch missiles at 10 meters underwater. Japan’s economic news 26 reported that North Korea is also planning to develop a submarine capable of carrying 3 submarine ballistic missile submarines of the class of 3000 tons. Although North Korea claims that the successful launch of the submarine launched ballistic missile, Pyongyang has not yet concluded the final phase of the work, which means that the technology has not yet reached the perfect. According to the Pyongyang news agency and the "Labor News" reported that Kim Jeong-eun has been very concerned about the submarine launched ballistic missile development program, also before the launch of a dozen visits the site development. KCNA said the construction of the direct leadership of Kim Jeong-eun strategic ballistic missiles and submarines. The Korean national political and diplomatic South University professor Jin Genzhi (sound) of the "Central Daily" said that the ballistic missile may be Kim Jeong-eun era "label" submarine, because this is when he started to develop the power. According to Japan’s defense white paper, North Korea retains 78 submarines and other submersibles, including a 3500 ton class G submarine. It is the last century in Russia in 90s as scrap sold to North korea.相关的主题文章: