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"Lanling Princess" will premiere Zhang Hanyun led Sina fantasy SM Entertainment News "Taozhiyaoyao, shining, the up, the room should be home", by Zhang Hanyun, [micro-blog] Peng Guanying, starring Chen Yideng’s love child heart costume drama "Lanling Princess" exposed a group of premiere stills, tonight at Hunan satellite TV 22:00 diamond the independent radio theater before the launch for the audience happy candy. Yong lock wedding scene change battlefield assassination amnesia wedding Rhapsody played tonight will be broadcast on the entanglement in the story, funny elf yuan Qing lock (Zhang Hanyun ornaments) in order to find "it will be the world treasure town soul beads, and revitalize the family became the Lanling princess, not too high Changgong has been carrying a childhood sweetheart the (Chen Yishi) to disguise the identity of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the Palace dance, a dance allure, to marry into the Northern Zhou dasikong palace, to find the treasure. The wedding night, the housing crisis, the real assassin concealed, in Yong Yuwen (Peng Guanying ornaments) and Qing Yuan are wary of the lock, probing each other, but do not want to "cross up wars" caused by the bed collapsed, and then defeated yuan Qing lock opener was injured…… Amnesia after Yuan Qing lock to face life, suddenly threatened by growing crises than the husband? With the feelings of childhood sweetheart Lanling Wang will decide on what path to follow? She finally can not complete the task, a Lan Ling princess? The world will launch with the dispute, answer to the audience. Zhang Hanyun wedding dress mystery exquisite clothing tract achievement screen visual effects stream in this group launched the stills, Zhang Hanyun played in red yuan Qing lock peony wedding dress, robe over the graceful posture, Coronet bead curtain half lip white teeth, beautiful clothes, beautiful. The clothing is mostly original silk quality, all kinds of jewelry are Zhenjinbaiyin handmade, only Zhang Hanyun in this one wedding play by 6 people over a period of 4 months using pure handmade silk embroidery, headdress with a 24K gold-plated production, the cost is quite expensive. This style was once exposed by netizens praised the solemn atmosphere, delicate and exquisite, and other fine shape and excellent production has yet to be unlocked. TV drama "Lanling Princess" by Yan Shang Dongyang New Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Dianguangzhuanmei culture development limited company system, festival culture film & Television Fund, Beijing Xin Xin Xiang nuclear Culture Development Co., Ltd. jointly produced by a bracelet, served as executive producer, senior writer Zhang, Peng Guanying, Zhang Hanyun thirteen adaptation, Andy Chen, Lily Tien [micro-blog] Lin Weichen, Hua Jiao, Liu Shuailiang and other stars, hotties Yan Qi battle, the plots are values of suction eye, please pay attention tonight, Hunan TV 22:00 diamond independent radio theater. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: