Lenovo K6 series officially released 430 Xiaolong three version ssdao

Lenovo K6 series officially released: 430 Xiaolong three version IFA 2016 recently held in Berlin, the major manufacturers have come up with new products, Lenovo is not idle. September 2nd, Lenovo officially released K6, K6 Power, K6 Note three smartphones. Although the price of these three models has not yet been announced, but Lenovo said it would start shipping in September. These three models using the same design, the use of integrated metal body, gold, silver, black three color optional. K6 series of two uses a similar Meizu MX series of three segment design and camera, and the most high-end K6 Note camera and a trace of the HUAWEI Mate series. Take a closer look at K6 and K6 Power speakers, and even think of millet. Lenovo K6 series officially released Lenovo K6 series officially released in the configuration, these three models are using Qualcomm Xiaolong 430 CPU, Adreno 505 GPU, dual card and fingerprint recognition, but different in screen size and battery capacity. Lenovo K6 using 5 inches screen (pixel 1920×1090), 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, front camera, pixel camera, rear 13 million pixel camera, battery capacity 3000mAh 32GB. Lenovo K6 Power uses the same screen and camera combination, but there are two versions of 2GB RAM+16GB ROM and RAM+32GB ROM optional, battery capacity up to 4000mAh 3GB. Lenovo K6 series officially released Lenovo K6 Note is the most high-end models, the 5.5 inch screen (1920×1080, 3GB pixels) RAM+32GB ROM and 4GB RAM+32GB ROM two version optional, front 8 million pixel camera, rear 16 million pixel camera (with dual color flash), battery capacity 4000mAh. At present, when the K6 series will be released in the country is still unknown, but the appearance of such a configuration of domestic consumers estimate will not have much interest in it.相关的主题文章: