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Lenovo released YOGA Book combo: computer paper screen synchronization, dual system – Sohu technology day ago, Lenovo in China officially released a new combo YOGA Book notebook computer, had already officially unveiled at this year’s IFA. This new product is the most special place, it is not equipped with the traditional physical keyboard, but the use of a virtual keyboard design, the overall shape is more biased towards the tablet PC, and even with 2048 pressure sensitive touch pen. Lenovo YOGA Book whole body is very thin, the thickest place is only 5.55mm, weighs only 690g, and Windows 10 and Android 6 dual system version is optional. The selection of the magnesium alloy material, and the CNC metal forging process, and the screen keyboard connection is using a three shaft type chain shaft, allegedly repeatedly turn 25000 times, and support 360° rotation. Lenovo YOGA Book Emmanuel virtual keyboard function is very powerful, not only can become a traditional keyboard user keys for text input, can switch into tablet mode Wacom design, painting, handwriting and other functions to provide creative workers. More specifically, it supported the "paper screen synchronization function, which the user will put light on the keyboard real paper writing, the content will be synchronized to the screen, very magical. Configuration, due to the positioning of light and portable, so it can only be said to be barely enough to use lightly. The machine has 10.1 inches 1920×1200 LCD screen, equipped with Intel x5-Z8550 (Atom) quad core processor, 4GB LPDDR3 memory +64GB storage space, built-in 8500mAh battery, life up to 15 hours. Prices, according to its operating system, Windows 10 version of the price of $3999, while the Android version of the price of 3499 yuan, at present, Jingdong Lenovo official store for sale. According to the author’s preliminary judgment, the product is suitable for the pursuit of light and portable office, design people to buy, students can also choose if the conditions. But its configuration is still weak, not suitable for a large party game, video clips, 3D interior design needs of the users to buy, so they can bypass the fancier hardware. (the picture comes from: Lenovo)相关的主题文章: