Li Yanjing’s press conference was handcuffed by strip searched cry-cibi

Li Yanjing’s press conference was crying: handcuffs were strip searched Yu Tian with variety big brother Li Yanjing reporter Sina entertainment news October 31st news, according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Li Yanjing and the driver because melee events on the social space, the two sides said. 30, she quickly left the district court did not want to give more explanation, the press conference held at noon on the 31, by the big brother Yu Tian accompany the whole process. Yu Tian for the handcuffs on the issue of Li Yanjing is very unhappy, issued a statement. Yu Tian repeats "entertainers are people!" Then the police named Secretary of state anger, "she is reported, why she can’t leave to go, why the driver no handcuffs, Yan Jing to? In the whole clothes were strip searched!" More and more angry, he said "this rage for entertainers? Entertainers are people, entertainers to drink a little wine, a little thing to get on the handcuffs?" But he also advised Li Yanjing on the spot after drink wine. Li Yanjing at the press conference said burst crying "why was I playing on the ground, but also to be handcuffed?" And Yu Tian added: "entertainers are people too! Why to drink a little wine to be handcuffed?" She stressed that he fully restore things through, no kick back, the driver is started, when she once wanted to get on the bus to get something, the result was blocked in the car, so the driver and pull, did not expect to be ruthless rejection on the ground. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: