Li Yifeng won the award for Best Supporting Actor – not a little meat in Beijing-mkdv-02

Li Yifeng won the award for best supporting actor who is not little meat – Beijing in September 24th, the new generation of popular actor Li Yifeng with a "old gun" in the corner of Zhang Xiaobo, was the thirty-third Hundred Flowers Award for best supporting actor. This is the first time Li Yifeng won the big film award, he is also a qualitative leap to strength transformation. In the movie "old gun", Li Yifeng changed his political commissar Li "image, bold subversion of self, and Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Hanyu and other old drama of bone Biao play the same stage, bring a true to life, as well as the Beijing man for the fans. By freely acting Li Yifeng, in the alley and unruly youth show let everyone see the heart will be soft, inner character portrayed penetrating. Li Yifeng said in an interview after winning the award, I won the first prize in the film awards, which is the encouragement of young actors, I have a big gap compared with the predecessors, have this encouragement is a recognition of the future." He considered himself an actor from the audience. In the film circle I was still in the state of choice, as long as the characters do not repeat is willing to try." The "little meat" and "the pay is high, the work is not serious" negative news, Li Yifeng said, "it’s hard for me to represent the" small meat "answer, because I was not a little meat, just like" little meat "can work in earnest." Since Li Yifeng’s debut, always strict demands on themselves, in recent years, Li Yifeng’s early drama in the film. In addition to "outside the old gun", the recent hit "Zhu Xian" and "sparrow", also make Li Yifeng harvest a large number of popular. "Smooth switching adorable man" Zhang Xiaofan and "the pretender" Chen Shen freely, not only let the audience see Li Yifeng’s promotion, has seen its coat faded idol strength and sincerity to attack. (Yangtze)相关的主题文章: