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Liang Jianzhang: tourism is the only human spiritual needs expensive before Ctrip James Liang Shanghai headquarters interview, how can I let him speak, really not too sure, because in the previously read some media reports, he is a "shy" and "love the spotlight", "more willing to own thinking" man of science "". Before the start of the interview, one of his assistants kindly reminded me, "talk to James about the population, he’s going to get into the state faster." It worked. I referred to the population problem in front of the interview, and Liang Jianzhang almost did not embarrass me. The entire interview he spoke with certainty neither too fast nor too slow, indifferent smile, only a few times over the eyes of the high IQ Curve Wrecker sly. In the first generation of Internet entrepreneurs in China, Ctrip founder, chairman of the board and CEO’s identity, Liang Jianzhang may indeed want to be regarded as a demographer. But he also has enough clout. In the 17 years since the creation of Ctrip, the former computer prodigy has 6 years to remove the title CEO, start learning. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the Stanford University, focusing on population and innovation, becoming one of the most determined public figures to abandon China’s one-child policy. In the post Ctrip CEO nearly four years later, he is still willing to voice on the issue of population, but also frequently updated a column on the population. Liang Jianzhang: entrepreneurship has returned to Ctrip interview he said, "open the child is not enough, China may sooner or later like Singapore, from birth control to encourage more students, even the" three births should be the mainstream". The population is good for all walks of life, because the greater the demand, the more detailed division of labor, the higher the efficiency, especially for tourism. "With the largest population, we can make the best travel products in the world." When we turn to Ctrip, Liang Jianzhang are still indifferent about peace. It is difficult to imagine, in the past four years, stepped from regaining Ctrip recently again, stable OTA (online travel) arena, his heart had the waves. In 2012, a growth slowdown, lack of innovation, many competitors Ctrip had to let him out of the den, commissioner. He fought a bloody price war outside, including reconstruction of wolf entrepreneurship in from the hotel industry and the aviation industry under the pressure of a strong response, more mergers and acquisitions last year in one fell swoop’s two largest competitors where Ctrip and elong, make industry leader status without shake. So Liang Jianzhang was known as "the hero returns", and the hero is clear. Referring to the changes in the internal Ctrip, he said, in fact, did not make any major changes, mainly decentralization." In the fight to win the integration of breathing space, he said, Ctrip will focus on the development of overseas business. He is not only optimistic about the Chinese overseas travel, but also want to serve the world’s travelers, such as travel to China or Southeast asia. This means that Ctrip has set the target for the world-class OTA giant. "It’s a very difficult thing to do." Liang Jianzhang believes that the tourism industry will become the most important after the health of the industry, while the scale of Ctrip in a few years will go beyond today’s Taobao. In mining.相关的主题文章: