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Liu Yunshan: stick to the development of network security and network synchronization make the Internet better for the benefit of the people – Beijing Liu Yunshan in the 2016 National Cyber Security Awareness Week Opening Ceremony stressed that adhere to the development of network security and network synchronization make the Internet better for the benefit of the people of Wuhan in September 19, Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xiaosong) 2016 national cyber security propaganda week type 19 was held at the Wuhan International Convention Center morning. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee, the central network security and Informatization Leading Group deputy leader Liu Yunshan delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, and visit the network security Expo, stressed the need to conscientiously study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, set up the development thought to the people as the center, set up the correct view of the network security, adhere to to promote the simultaneous development of network security and network, make the Internet better for the benefit of the people. Liu Yunshan said that network security and network development complement each other, security is the prerequisite for development, the development of security protection. To the new concept of development throughout the Internet construction, accelerate the popularization of information services, so that people share the fruits of Internet development. To promote the development of safe, solid job in short board work, by improving the construction and development level, to better safeguard national cyberspace security and development interests, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of network information. Liu Yunshan stressed the need to enhance public awareness of network security as a basic task, vigorously popularize the knowledge of network security, strengthen network security education, promote the formation of a good atmosphere of the whole society pay attention to network security. To cultivate a healthy Internet culture, promote the socialist core values, promote outstanding cultural products of digital network communication, sing the main theme, gathering positive energy. To strengthen the network ethics, network civilization construction, strengthen the protection of minors online, and constantly improve the network literacy of young people. To adhere to the technology driven, innovation driven, accelerate the construction of critical information infrastructure security system, enhance network security technology support capabilities. To adhere to the rule of law, the law office network, according to the Internet, deepen cyberspace governance, to crack down on Internet fraud, online theft and other illegal and criminal activities, to make the Internet the healthy operation of the track on the rule of law. Liu Yunshan stressed that party committees and governments at all levels should put the network security work on an important position to effectively fulfill their leadership responsibilities, strict implementation of the network security responsibility system. All parties should assume their respective responsibilities, collaboration to promote network security work. Internet companies should adhere to the unity of social and economic benefits, and constantly strengthen social responsibility and moral responsibility. To strengthen international exchanges and cooperation with the outside world, and promote the establishment of a multilateral, democratic and transparent global Internet governance system, and jointly build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative network space. From this year, the National Network Security Awareness Week held in September every year for third weeks in the United states. This publicity Week theme of "network security network security for the people, by the people", will be held network security technology forum, network security, network security Expo knowledge contest, TV network security knowledge into the campus and other activities.相关的主题文章: