Lol digger reworked complete new skill and styling exposure (video)

LOL tomb digger reworked to complete the new skills and styling exposure [Abstract] compared to the previous, after the re excavation of the tomb looks handsome. The date has not yet been announced on the line, but presumably on the line after the old hero will win the favor of the players. Yorik redo: not now called gravedigger, a ferry Zheyuelike (provisional translation) shows the grave new skin and skill based preview ability: attack range: 175 yards of base speed: 340 basic life value: 580 life value: 100 basic life reply: 1.6 life return: 0.16 of base mana: 300 the growth of mana: 40 of base mana mana reply: 1.5 growth reply: 0.15 base armor: 30 growth armor: 4 based magic resistance: 32 growth magic resistance: 1.25 basic attack: 57 growth attack: 5 passive: Soul herder cursed clan: Yorick can have a maximum of 4. (the value of life 100105110115120125: 130135140145150155 160165170175180185 (+x) and attack (1015202530354045 5055606570758085) 9095 (+x)) at his side, Yueliketai far from home Eventually the service: every 1284 yorik (with the level) near the enemy (soldier) death will have a tombstone, an enemy hero dies will produce a tombstone. If the kid walked into the Yorick soldiers line they will go on with the soldier. The last rites of awakening [Q] mana cost: 25 cooldown: 87.57 seconds 6.56 yorik next attack caused 305580105130 (+x) physical damage and restore the x value of life (life value only half will double). If you kill the enemy with Q will leave a tombstone. When in the vicinity of 3 or more gravestones, and Q skills is cooling, you can cast Q skills Yorick again call tombstone kid. The Black Parade [W] mana cost: 70 cooldown: 2018161412 seconds to call a ghost in a circle for 22334 HP ghost ring, lasts 4 seconds, can be destroyed, teammates can freely. Sad mist [E] consume 5055606570 mana cooldown: 12111098 seconds yorik throws the enemy within the black mist by the current value of life 15% magic damage (minimum 70105140175210 (+ X)), 30% speed for 2 seconds, and mark them for 4 seconds. Yorick and their imp increased 1012.515 to 17.520% speed and attack marked target. Shadow Island tribute [R] mana cost: 100 cooldown: 160150140 2 grams of thin Yorick summons相关的主题文章: