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Investing When you are preparing for the trading week to .e you should always start with the economic calendar for the next week. Look for the releases to .e, if they are important to your open trades or to your potential trades you have in mind and try to position accordingly ahead of them. For example, if you are having in front of you one week in which both the ECB (European Central Bank) press conference and the NFP (non-farm payrolls) in the United States of America are due, then expect most likely for ranges to hold until those events. And they are scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays, so look for price to be trading in a range for the third days of the week. Looking for breaking forex news usually should stay between the economic calendar releases scheduled for the week to .e as surprises are always in cards. If the expectations for an interest rate decision are for a cut, well, the cut may .e, but it may be deeper than expected, and therefore this should be considered forex breaking news because this kind of news is a game changer, it changes the way markets look at the respective currency pair. In the same context, try to look for that news that affects the currency pair, not only one currency, because you are not trading the currency, but the currency pair. So what is important for the dollar may be important for the usdcad currency pair for example, but it may be that some other piece of news that .es should be influential to the Canadian dollar and that to be a game changer, breakingforex news. And all of a sudden the currency pair will move into the other direction. It is difficult to really spot the important news that hit the wires from the regular ones. Sometimes markets just ignore events otherwise considered to be important and react strongly to apparently no events at all. One example that .es to my mind was happening a couple of weeks ago when the news that Greece rating has been upgraded from the junk level up two notches. Well, normally markets would react strongly on such news, as otherwise, when Greece was downgraded to junk level the eurusd pair for instance it dipped quite strongly on the news. Well, the upgrade brought only a ten pips to the upside reaction from markets and it was totally ignored. So news that previously has been considered a game changer, a market mover, it is now just an ordinary one and no one really paid attention to it. The conclusion is that markets being in a constant change sometimes the focus shifts so quick that what used to be important dont matter anymore. Like in life, isnt it? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: