L’OREAL beautiful cause, a better life, the first public welfare training projects settled in Guangz-pretty rhythm

L’OREAL "beautiful career, good life" public training project for the first time in the new business cosmetics Guangzhou – Fashion – people.com.cn love beauty L’OREAL beauty business, good life "public training project in Guangzhou for the first time in 08 years on Sept. 30, Guangzhou – Guangzhou Baiyun District of Sanyuanli Community College Classroom crowded atmosphere outside the lively. Neat training table lined with colorful makeup products, professional beauty tools and cosmetics. Wearing a uniform training suit 40 students are expected to look forward to the first phase of the beautiful open class start. By L’OREAL (China), the fund China women development cooperation "beautiful career, good life" public training project will be officially opening teaching here. The project is located in Guangzhou, will open a total of 2 training courses in this area, benefiting nearly 80 local disadvantaged women, and will be completed by the end of the training Yu Shi. So far, the project has been in Sichuan, Hebei, Heilongjiang and other 9 cities, completed the training of 1452 students. The fund China Women Development Association vice chairman and Secretary General Qin Guoying, L’OREAL (Chinese) vice president Lan Zhenzhen, Chinese Development Fund for women in rural women’s development fund Huang Libiao, executive director of the Guangzhou Municipal Women’s Federation Chairman Liu Mei as well as from the Baiyun District of Guangzhou city women’s Federation, Guangzhou City Center, and Guangzhou city public welfare research faze Sanyuanli Community College Guangzhou school leadership staff integration representative attended the opening ceremony, and benefit the students cordial exchange and granting them a free make-up products and beauty tools etc.. China women development fund vice chairman and Secretary General Qin Guoying speech at the opening ceremony, L’OREAL (Chinese) vice president Lan Zhenzhen said, "the first Fu Chi, blood transfusion for poverty alleviation hematopoietic ‘, as one of the pillar enterprises project L’OREAL foundation, we look through the business expertise and resources, spare no effort for more Chinese in urban and rural areas vulnerable women bring beauty skills training so that they can, by granting proficiency in a particular line is more and more confident in life, and for the people around them and the community bring positive energy. At the same time, we also hope to join more social forces, provide more employment opportunities for these women, "beautiful together to share with the public ‘commitment to building blocks." L’OREAL (China) vice president of women’s development fund China LAN Zhenzhen speech will be vice chairman and Secretary General Qin Guoying at the ceremony of the project affirmed, "" beautiful career, happy life "as a specific urban and rural vulnerable female public training project, through professional skill education and training, supplemented later continued employment and entrepreneurship guidance, not only increased the population access to education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, confidence and ability, but also help them achieve self goal, in the national call precise poverty of the environment, is a worthy example project. We will give full play to the advantages of all parties, the integration of effective resources to achieve the best results." "Beautiful open class" "beautiful career, good life" public training project is one of the L’OREAL Enterprise Foundation launched the global support project, the group is also "beautiful, sharing" is an important part of the sustainable development strategy and the 2020 is relatively weak).相关的主题文章: