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Lu Yi "rouge" 9.27 breakthrough espionage chase "PK" Zhao Liying "rouge" Zhao Liying Lu Yi played the ultimate notice multiple identity agent [9.27] Tencent entertainment news before the premiere, directed by Xu Jizhou, actress Lu Yi, Zhao Liying starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" will be landing in September 27th Oriental TV, Jiangsu satellite TV double star heavy launch. As the debut for many years, acting has always been praised the audience the strength of actor Lu Yi, this will be three degrees to the popularity of Zhao Liying flowers, the interpretation of a powerful melee in the flames of Shanghai, to safeguard national interests as the story of warm blooded struggle of the Anti Japanese War, and he will also interpret three agents psychological complex, multi-faceted image in a variety of other shape free the sinister appearing treacherous spy in the sea. Lu Yi Zhao Liying to three degrees off screen drama that spark tacit rub, "rouge" is not the first time Lu Yi and Zhao Liying, two people worked in the movie "TV series palace lock incense" and "cloud song" had previously set the relations of cooperation, because they, in the play is not too much mixed feelings. The first two "ruthless missing", was finally able to borrow a hand by "rouge" grace, Love III eventually became round, not looking forward to the two negative fans. According to reports, the drama played by Lu Yi Zhou Yuhao and Zhao Liying as the "blue Rouge" as agents because of perplexing relationship each other’s identity from the enemy, frenemy gradually become quarrelsome lovers together to maintain national interests, in the years gone melee, the common interpretation of the heroes and heroines of blood feelings. With the first two electric shock cooperation, the two people in the rouge is a tacit understanding of the explosion, CP feel full. Earlier exposed trailers, Lu Yi and Zhao Liying gunman disagree, tense worried people deeply. After the release of the poster, two people sit in the cinema, although the face relaxed but the eyes of sonorous and forceful but seems to bear, from accidentally met thousands and thousands of words, after the bloody war, peers, two stars also lead the audience in the fate of reverie. Lu Yi and Zhao Liying play a lot of scenes also attracted fans looking forward to "Lu Yi + Zhao Liying is intolerable: this drama acting as Wang Yan value + fried combination!" "January and January show the shortage, until finally the male god acting bombing the screen! Beg new quick launch!" Lu Yi gun play battle Pro variety "three world agents interpretation of Yi" it is understood that since Lu Yi played a three agent complex handoff special status would depend on the strong contrast of the many other shapes, in the play he side of Shanghai town a handsome incarnation, expensive and exquisite dark striped suit. Free gas wise intelligent casual and elegant bearing, his brow. While the other side is heavily armed soldiers solemn image, a tall Lu Yi wearing a domineering and uniform coat, the male hormone instantly broke out, a deep breath of abstinence, a handsome crisp licking screen fan. In addition to the seductive style, Lu Yi in the play also a thrilling shootout fight scene, in order to ensure the real fun shooting plot can let the audience see the fight, Lu Yi personally battle military engagement remarkable thrilling interpretation. See male god so fight,"相关的主题文章: