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[Lugu Lake] into the Mosuo daughter of the country (the) – Sohu tourism Caohai is Lugu Lake’s most famous landscape, heard a total of around, the most important are the Lugu Lake in Sichuan. Caohai said is a grassy plateau wetland, in this more than 2000 meters above sea level on the plateau is very unique. It is the Lugu Lake sub lake, Lugu Lake water connected with it, then it formed Caohai wetland. Caohai and sea grass to always be together, there is grass sea, sea grass, like two neither friendly nor aloof, lover, you do not leave, I do not abandon. Whenever the spring and summer season, Caohai color green, let people think that is the boundless grasslands. Cattle in the grass, water grass, pig trough boat gently in the grass sliding. Stand in Caohai before this season, there is a breeze, grass incense, still wanted to forget. In a 300 meter wooden bridge, also called the "water bridge". Lugu Lake Mosuo people adhere to the "male do not marry, women do not marry." "take" custom. Although the implementation of the Mosuo people with emotion as the first factor of marriage, but there are also strict restrictions, is the family of the village men and women is not marriage, so some need to go through this 300 meters of the bridge. Because of this, some "love magpie bridge is the best in all the land" reputation, attracting countless visitors here to explore the Lugu Lake. Just some real bridge already dilapidated, now some bridge is a newly built bridge, built entirely for visitors to imagine "walking marriage" situation, the real marriage Mosuo men and women would not be here. The bridge is not the bridge, the bridge walk, turned in a continuous line of visitors, in this leisurely Valentine’s bridge, longing for a romantic love story. There is a primitive canoe, Lugu Lake elongated, with the whole piece of wood chisel, sharpened at both ends and a pig slot. Lugu Lake Lake isolated, the only means of transportation is the Mosuo unique "pig tank ship". Lugu Lake must go to experience a pig tank ship, according to the distance of 30, 60, the price of 100 yuan, and the sea has bright lake. Zhu Caochuan called on the Mosuo language". It is said that long ago, Lugu Lake is a beautiful ranch, a shepherd when grazing found a big fish stuffed up a cave, Shepherd is hungry, they came up with a knife cut off a piece of meat to cook. Who knows the second day, the fish body was cut and long. So the boy cut the fish every day to eat when the meal, even a little bit of toast to Baba had not finished. The toast was very strange, that boy stole his food with a tortured shepherd, forced him to tell the whole story. This article want to toast the greedy God fish have been accounted for, he sent someone to pull the fish, but could not pull. At the end of their set of nine headed bull toast to pull hard, the fish pulled out of the hole. Who knows, suddenly raging flood ejected from the cave, instantly flooded the land and villages. Only one is the pigs of the Mosuo girls Jizhongshengzhi jumped into the pig trough, with a wave of wandering. It is said that this is the ancestor of the Mosuo people. The ship put into the canoe pig trough also still in use. Come to Lugu Lake, in addition to admire the beautiful pure natural scenery around the Mosuo village, see the museum is very interesting. Just visit the Mosuo village,.相关的主题文章: