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Man was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of committing the crime of coexistence of more than a term of imprisonment for more than two years – this year, the age of 42, Cai Cai, who was illegally operating in Shandong Province, a court sentenced to imprisonment for 4 and a half years. During the prison, CAI was Chaoyang District procuratorate accused of illegal trading platform gold, illegal business investment caused by the loss of more than 2100 yuan customers. Reporters learned yesterday, Choi was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the crime of leaking Chaoyang Court, the coexistence of the crime of 5 and a half years. The man accused of the crime of leaking prison in April 15, 2014, Cai found guilty of the crime of illegal business in Shandong province Weifang city Weicheng District People’s court sentenced to 4 and a half years, fined 300 thousand yuan, from June 22, 2013 to December 21, 2017. However, during his imprisonment, CAI was accused of illegal operations in Chaoyang District procuratorate. After more than a year in prison in November 17, 2014, CAI was escorted back to Beijing from Shandong retrial. March 14, 2016, Chaoyang procuratorate prosecution to Chaoyang court. Chaoyang procuratorate accused, from March 2010 to November 2011, Cai Chaoyang District is located in the North Third Ring Road on the Yi Heng building, without the approval of the competent authorities of the state, no qualification case, in Beijing Jinze Avenue Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Jinze company) on behalf of the private network trading platform, engaged in illegal futures business transactions 3000 million yuan, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal business. The police seized the 10 sets of his wife and daughter in Langfang,, frozen their accounts in Beijing, and seized a car. The judgment transfer company without telling investors should bear responsibility for Cai pleaded guilty to repentance, but argue that in November 1, 2011 he took the company transfer, so the time of crime should be defined to November 1, 2011. Cai’s defense lawyers believe that the case is a unit crime, Cai pleaded guilty to a good attitude, the sentence should be under 5 years. Chaoyang Court found that in February 2010, Cai set up a Jinze company, operating the project is investment management, economic information consulting, commissioned processing and sale of gold and silver products. October 26, 2011, Choi will be transferred to the company Hwang (because of the crime of illegal business, was sentenced to 7 years in prison in November 2013, a fine of $1 million 500 thousand), and as the equity delivery date in November 1, 2011. In November 17, 2011, he will also be the legal representative of his wife’s Chaoyang branch also transferred to hwang. According to the investigation, since March 2010, CAI in the name of Jinze company, secretly set up a gold futures trading platform for investors to gold, until November 17, 2011, the amount of illegal business for more than 3900 yuan, investors caused economic losses of more than 2100 yuan. Chaoyang Court found after the transfer of the company to Cai Huang, and did not inform investors, the company after the transfer, investors continue to invest, so it should be responsible for Cai Cai, the crime should be set for the prosecutor accused of November 17, 2011. CAI has been guilty of illegal Ling Ling相关的主题文章: