Many mahjong wife don’t sleep all night, her husband divorce ultimatum is useless (video) roxane hayward

Many mahjong wife don’t sleep all night, her husband divorce ultimatum is useless because his wife loves mahjong, Mr. Zou has reached intolerable, the wife of an ultimatum, "you play mahjong again so we divorce." But his last move seems to have little deterrent to his wife, Ms. fan. Ms. fan Ranjiaba is 33 years old this year, a second-hand housing intermediary manager. Mahjong has a history of 13 years, from the sophomore in the bedroom and roommate to play. Mr. Zou husband is a civil servant, he told reporters that they were married for almost five years, get married when you know she loves playing mahjong, play one or two a week, also can accept, but after about a year of marriage, she began to stay up all night mahjong, we had a lot of time frame. Later, Ms. fan did not fight because of pregnancy, and now a child a year and a half, mahjong addiction also quit for more than two years. But recently, she suddenly addicted to mobile phone games to play mahjong, Ms. fan explained, "is a WeChat group is in life, understanding people, everyone to download a software, any four people together to open a bureau, or by WeChat red envelopes." "Almost a month, every day to go home to eat a meal sitting in bed holding a cell phone, or a iPad playing mahjong, regardless of children." Zou Xiansheng said, I feel like she seems to be able to play every night until four in the morning, get up and go to work." But Ms. Fan said, originally he blame me not to go home to play mahjong, and now is not very good, I do not have to go out at home to play. I have no other hobbies, playing mahjong, but winning is not large, up to two hundred or three hundred, this hobby are deprived of it, I will have depression, experts say, people must have a hobby." Ms. fan excuse let Mr. Zou dumbfounding, "if I ever play mahjong, divorce." But Ms. fan does not seem to be threatened, "well, you go to divorce, child." Ms. fan’s mother Zhu aunt in her home for her children, her daughter is not willing to play mahjong every day, "the old couple quarrel, I don’t care." Zhu aunt’s home is in Hechuan, she was prepared to rent a house far away from her daughter, every night back to the rental housing, the child lost to miss fan, she also did not play mahjong. For further reading, has nothing to do with this article "the pursuit of" the female teacher recommended investment lost 500 thousand相关的主题文章: