Material rewards are so dangerous! How to motivate the child the most effective Sohu –

Material rewards are so dangerous! How to motivate the child the most effective? Sohu – a famous educator, said: "in the education of children, in addition to encouraging me do not know what to do." With most of the parents to improve education for children’s cognitive level, fewer parents with beatings or punishment to educate children, parents more aware of the incentives to encourage the children good behavior is important. After all, all pro Dad Real Mother, if there is more moderate more loving way to treat the child, who is not willing to cold or sticks together every day. But in the process of my parents’ encouragement, I found a problem. Often parents think that children are well behaved, snacks, toys, and even reward reward is the immediate reward money, is a good method and easy, effective and fast. But as the child grew up, the desire of the heart is also growing, the toy to a more expensive than a reward Jin Ye higher and higher, which makes parents aware of the seriousness of the problem. The material, is the worst incentive? Why do not advocate material incentives to encourage the children to use the material, it reminds me once in behavioral psychology to a word token system". Is a kind of behavior therapy with a symbol of coins, awards, prizes and other markers for reward means to reinforce good behavior. Once upon a time, this method used to treat patients, more and more used in the child’s upbringing. The biggest advantage of behavioral therapy is that it works fast, which makes parents feel "it’s a really good idea."". But there is also a great risk of behavioral therapy, is another bad behavior may come into being. Take it to the children for good behavior motivation is that parents want children to establish and maintain the behavior of the child’s performance is indeed very good, but on the other hand, it is easy for children to "do" and "reward (material)" together, to do, not to not to do. And need more and more, more and more material rewards, in order to better stabilize the child’s good behavior. For example, many parents may have heard such a reward: the parents of the housework calibration of a price of 10 yuan, such as cleaning the floor, wipe the table, 2 yuan, 5 yuan dishes inferior, then to encourage children to do housework. Look the price tag material reward appears to increase the enthusiasm of the children do housework, and in fact this is true, many children become very willing to do housework in this case. So imagine, who can use a lifetime of money to encourage children to do housework? What would happen to the children if they were withdrawn from such incentives? In fact, for children, the best reward is not material. The world of children is simple and simple, since the beginning, the children need is not the parents’ money or parents to buy toys snacks, but parents from the heart of acceptance, recognition and appreciation. ? spirit incentive than material incentive effect is better and more lasting repper psychologists have done an experiment: find some love painting children were divided into two groups. A set of promises "draw well and reward". The other group told them "very long.相关的主题文章: