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May be the first person to get the first iPhone7, it is time to show a wave – Sohu science and technology I do not believe that someone earlier than I am today, it is said that the typhoon came. The weather in Hangzhou is like this… Poor gentleman in front of the company during the day but taking photos at hand like black Yin said, also has been raining, make people upset… But it does not affect the poor evaluation of small partners to get the fastest speed iPhone 7 Plus! He hurried and excited with the real machine packing box Zhang Ying iPhone, front is a big mobile phone back photos, the shining double lens to tell you: "yes! I am iPhone 7 Plus!" Here’s a picture of the back of the package. The following 256 G yo ~, the sacred moment is coming ~ customers! We can see the charging head and a headset (wired headset), also can see the real face no major distinction and generation. Take a look back to the back of the iPhone 7 Plus camera lens is still so prominent, and a convex into a pair of convex… There have been criticized by the two leucorrhea, still exists, a slight break the beauty, looks a bit strange. Before the bad gentleman mentioned, if you do not like leucorrhea, can only spend money to buy bright black… From the official website photos, bright black leucorrhea is not obvious (bright black no cheap 32 G version, since the beginning of 128 G) random headset is already the Lighting interface. But Apple still conscience, random with a Lighting interface conversion 3.5 mm headset interface conversion line, if you want to use other headset yourself directly with the conversion line like ~ data line and the headset interface conversion line. You love most is the intimate details of apple, both sides still the data lines are labeled… The police found, whether outside or inside of the packaging material, are relatively simple, and no excessive printing, Apple should be for environmental considerations. Open the bud, carefully weigh the mobile phone, try to test the feel, the experience of such iPhone 7… Feels very thin, the weight is just right, is the right size for hand slightly larger, the back feeling is very comfortable, the key handle and springback is also good, than before the screen feel smooth, very soft ~ buddy shoot with the SLR camera, look round transparent feel certainly good! In addition, a small partner also found a small detail, card slot with a rubber pad, very careful design! Card slot next to a circle of black rubber pad to come, since the bud has been opened, and touch enough, then we will then boot it! Boot after the most bright spot is set to press the Home key to press the Home key settings interface相关的主题文章: