Media officials ” dyed yellow ” details of the Internet has been suspected of illegal puritans pride

Media: the official " dyed yellow " details of the Internet has been notified of the alleged violation of such a red head document, exactly how the Internet? Who is leaked privacy push hand, you need to look carefully. Because, this is not only a matter of discipline, it is clear that the alleged illegal. A bureau level officials, is not a "tiger", not "fly", if violations were punished, can the big news? The answer is, "anything is possible."". The morning of November 16th, according to the surging news reports, confirmed from the Chinese railway company related department, China railway company director was dismissed because of violation of discipline, by the Bureau as deputy director level, and was given one year probation sanction. Of course, if only the ordinary "seasoning", I suggest that the punishment is unqualified, will be lost in the "grand narrative tiger storm", the key is the disclosure of information online, there are too explicit, hence the "bonus items". Whether the "explicit" to what extent? He is basically in violation of discipline, and live his life of improper sexual relations in detail, all glance thrown to the internet. For the masses may eat melon, dark call. However, for the unfortunate "director", might not be so good, in addition to administrative demotion, dismissal and a punishment, their discipline is still online drying, let others side Youziyouwei reading "a romantic affair, poking his private" backbone. Perhaps, some people will say that this is not what ah, who called the Secretary size is an official. This is true, although the privacy of citizens is protected by law, but there are some special groups of this right must be discounted, including movie stars and other public figures, including officials. "When the" yellow details "circulated on the Internet, not only unsightly, are more likely to have adverse effects on young people, which is obviously all parents want to see the results." Perhaps, some people will move out of Clinton’s zipper door to say something. Originally, Clinton and White House intern Lewinsky’s sex scandal occurred, attracted the news media chase reports. This is not the end, Starr called a special prosecutor, spent 4 years, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, just Clinton "crotch" thing, the survey was crystal clear. The final Starr report, the details of the "chicken", arranged into a 445 page of the "Yellow Pages" of the novel, """. The house of Representatives by 363 votes to 63 vote after two hours to put this report on the Internet, the Internet users to view racking his brain, even once the squeeze paralyzed website. Even if the president was not like the practice, also did not see Clinton and the team, including Hilary’s lawyer, chamouring who tort liability. In fact, in 1974, the U.S. Congress formally adopted the privacy act, some states in the United States today, even without the permission to open the neighbor’s garbage bag, will cause the infringement dispute. But then, the Secretary and Clinton thing, although there are some similarities, but there is a big difference. "Starr report".相关的主题文章: