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Medical model Sichuan 24 years industry special "popular" hard – Beijing occupation of playing possum, they are medical students "living textbook", "test materials" or even "appraiser" is the health of normal people, but always making a fuss; no medical background, but always on the doctor’s interrogation and check picking. In the West China Medical School of Sichuan University, there is a group of occupation "playing possum", they have a common name — SP, Chinese for standardized patients, also known as the medical model. In the 60s of last century, SP appeared in North America, 30 years after the rise of china. 1992, West China School of medicine, Sichuan University, the national training, but also the first batch of Asian SP. 24 years, some people leave, some people join, some people always insist on. These SP, there are lawyers, insurance salesmen, retired workers…… But a closer simulation unit, they are medical students "living textbook" — they want to play a good face, hold good pain reaction time difference; they are also assessed, in the "doctor" in the process of "doctor" to remember every little detail; they are teachers, to play one on one for medical students, guiding opinions. It is a year in September, a group of medical students will usher in the graduation exam, SP will start to "…… The medical model of a little-known business stage? Fight acting spell explosive fault let boys scared sweating over a more than 10 square meters of "consulting room", a middle-aged man rubbed his hands back and forth — his wife was pregnant in the delivery room. At this time, wearing a white male "doctor" and two "nurse" came in. "Hello, I am an intern × × × according to the maternal condition, it is recommended that cesarean section……" Has not waited for "the doctor" to finish saying, the man then interrupted him, "if the baby holds wrong how to do?" In the face of the "family" of the brain hole wide open ", the" doctor "some Leng two seconds, unable to resist sustain the blows,"…… No bar." Which know that a "family" fly, "what should be called? That might have been wrong? Such a big thing, how can joke!" Growled, and he took the table. At this time, the "doctor" was completely ignorant, around two "nurse" to the "family" rounders, can not listen, continue to temper, also declared that to sue the hospital." About 20 minutes later, several "medical personnel" finally soothed the "family", at this time, the big male doctor already sweating, palms are sweating "." "Then turn the lens, the fury of the" family "sort of hair and clothes. "How can you say ‘no’? This principle problem, we must be sure to reply to their families, and inform us what measures to circumvent this risk, to dispel their doubts." The family suddenly changed the tone, the male doctor was slow to God – just just simulate the contradiction between doctors and patients scene, the eyes of the patient’s family is a SP. "Teachers are acting like, sometimes clear相关的主题文章: