Meizu Qualcomm lawsuit has its own account of the infringement of the patent infringement of friends-lata-01

Meizu: Qualcomm lawsuit has its own account of the friends of the infringement of patent claims to the argument recently, Qualcomm’s patent fees on the Meizu from the domestic to the overseas. Meizu Meizu vs snapdragon said in October 16th the official reply, willing to pay patent, but it requires a reasonable rate. Just, Li Nan, vice president of Meizu said in micro-blog – micro-blog screenshot Meizu Qualcomm, eventually there will be an account. As for Meizu’s other patents, after the end of the application is completed, please give us an account (no less than IP law is too weak we recognize). Against the equity in the rules, is the right way of development… This matter has been playing double wrong, toward the ocean adults playing double is despised. Li Nan’s comments seem to be in their 19 number of "real good stuff is not free" as well as vice president of Lenovo @ Chang Cheng Xiaolong 821 did not get free of ridicule when he responded, @ Luo Yonghao, millet, OPPO, a plus, Lenovo ZUK boss, intended to emphasize the mBack patent Meizu has reference application, he was not satisfied with the friends of the business "". Chang Cheng micro-blog screenshot, however, Meizu’s key device manipulation methods, key devices and terminals, the patent is said to be in the real trial stage, has not been legally occupied. Some netizens commented, "I am committed to Meizu, although the cattle point", it seems the patent war to Sike in the end?相关的主题文章: