Mid Autumn Festival small holiday Beijing road today is not limited to the upcoming peak – Sohu news queer as folk

Mid Autumn Festival small holiday Beijing road today is not limited to welcome the peak – Sohu news yesterday, Beijing Wang Zhihe Food Co., Ltd. held a mid autumn festival folk experience in Beijing, Beijing, Huairou. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Zhiwang today is the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. The traffic control department is expected this afternoon Expressway Beijing direction of traffic will be relatively concentrated, is expected to peak after 15 p.m.. In addition, due to normal work on Sunday, but the day of the license plate number is not limited to the line, is expected to be more prominent day traffic pressure. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday two days before the city open at 16 yesterday, the city traffic information display, the smooth road, East Second Ring Road, East Third Ring Road "green wind". Who lives in Haidian District Luan said that the Mid Autumn Festival holiday two days this city traffic is very smooth, especially near East, East sanhuan road as usual during the day, at night". But the city is still around the shopping district congestion. Beijing West Railway Station, Shili River business district and surrounding Xidan Dongcheng District and other areas are in the evening hours appear congestion. Traffic information display, high speed, around 18 pm yesterday, Beijing Chengde, Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing high-speed, high-speed Beijing direction part of the vehicle slow situation has occurred, but did not present large-scale congestion. 15 tomorrow will usher in the return peak passenger flow is expected, Beijing high-speed dujiakan to the municipal boundaries of toll stations, high-speed Beijing Tibet from Huilongguan to the direction of Beijing, Beijing Chengde City Circle toll station to Beijing direction congestion may occur five. The traffic control department to remind, prior to departure through the network to understand the traffic situation, don’t stay waiting in the high-speed road toll gate, not forced to overtake, not to change lanes or grab the line shuttle in traffic. In case of traffic congestion, please wait patiently, queue up traffic, do not take up the emergency lane, so as not to affect the rescue vehicle. Yesterday, 440 thousand tourists in the park as of yesterday, 15 points, 11 municipal parks and gardens Museum Chinese a total of 440 thousand tourists, an increase of 27%, a record single day Mid Autumn Festival holiday. City Park and the Chinese Garden Museum to take a number of measures to expand services, security forces up to more than 3000 people a day. Data show that the the Summer Palace, Tiantan, the zoo garden is still hot. The Summer Palace, the zoo by tourism groups and foreign tourists to travel, visitors peak in the morning to noon before and after the afternoon has declined. The Summer Palace Orient House door to tourist groups are more fit for it, the new palace is mainly to the public. Tiantan park more tourists. Beihai, Zhongshan tourists peak is concentrated in the afternoon. In this regard, 11 municipal parks and museums China garden to take a number of measures of service expansion, new ticket window 49, nearly 300 brand new security guidance, on-site garden headquarters 39 visitors in the dense area, the security forces of more than 3000 people every day. Beijing zoo is also a tourist service center set up a mother and child room, and another five key scenic spots are also set up a baby care bed. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Sijia, Ma Jinfeng相关的主题文章: