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Sports-and-Recreation Using exercise equipment is a great way of getting fit. The equipment can .e in many forms and at many different prices. In this article we will have a look at a number of different types of fitness equipment available that can be used just as successfully at home as in the gym. There are many types of exercise equipment that could fall into this category but taking into account the amount of space available in the average home and the amount of money the average person has available for exercise equipment we will focus on just 4. A Treadmill Of all the exercise equipment a person can buy for use at home the treadmill is one of the most popular of all. As you will soon discover there are a number of different types of treadmill a person can buy. For those on a limited budget they can choose a very basic type of treadmill. Whilst those with a little bit more cash to spare can go for one that can actually be connected up to their PC. It is however important that which ever machine a person chooses it is one that it well constructed and is solidly built. Look for one that has a wide belt which when set at an incline position will still be .fortable and easy to both walk and run on. Another major feature that your treadmill should have and which most now .e with is a safety cut off mechanism. This mechanism usually consists of a key with a rope attached to it. The key then slots into the machine and if at any time it be.es removed the treadmill will stop automatically preventing any kind of damage or injury to the person using it. Elliptical Trainer This type of exercise equipment gives the user a .fortable and non-impact way for training (this means you are not putting so much stress on to the bones in your legs as with the treadmill). Plus it is a very simple machine to use so even a .plete novice will not find it difficult to use. Also these types of machines allow you to adjust the intensity of the session as well as how much resistance that you want your muscles to work against. Stationary Bicycles If you are looking for a much more .fortable way to exercise and a piece of exercise equipment that takes up very little space then this may be the ideal piece of equipment for you. This particular piece of equipment is particularly good for those people who have led very sedentary lives and are only just starting to exercise again. We have already looked at several different pieces of exercise equipment that we can use in the .fort of our own homes. However now we take a look at one more piece which will not only help you to get back into shape but can be used in the .fort of your own home as well as being the cheapest to purchase. An Exercise Ball Although these have been growing in popularity in gyms they can also be used in the .fort of your own home. Although many people believe that this form of exercise equipment is relatively new in fact they have been around since the 1960’s. It was during the 1960’s that exercise balls were used to help children who suffered from muscular dystrophy in order to improve their balance problems, but they have also been found to be beneficial to others as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: