Millet mix to rival HUAWEI concept mobile phone released in December – Digital Sohu sugus

Millet MIX released to rival the HUAWEI concept mobile phone digital mobile phone Chinese December Sohu [news] the full screen black millet technology MIX to some friends must stimulate, make everyone have prepared to launch the concept of machine. The day before, Pan Jiutang insiders broke the news, HUAWEI will launch a mobile phone concept. Now, broke the news @ Mocha labor agency revealed that the concept of HUAWEI mobile phone will not only be released in December, but also a brand new. Mocha news broke the news, HUAWEI concept phone will be released in December 16th, is not only a new machine, while under the new brand. From this point of view, the concept of HUAWEI mobile phone should have launched plans, and even research and development has become mature. As for the design and function of Pan jiutang broke the concept of HUAWEI mobile phone, pan jiutang previously claimed that the concept of HUAWEI mobile phone by HUAWEI CEO Xu Zhijun retire direct leadership, 2012 main laboratory involved, it uses a custom Samsung four curved screen and a large number of sensors, introduced the artificial intelligence service. See these broke the news, what do you think, the heart is looking forward to it, or look forward to it?相关的主题文章: