Mobile phone is the teacher advised to drop out after the death of Sohu – beg understanding news

Mobile phone is the teacher advised to drop out after the death of Sohu – beg understanding news fall dead student Tang lifetime photo play students. Chengdu daily Chengdu daily client news October 22nd, October 22nd, the Chengdu daily client reporter learned from the Jiangyou Municipal Propaganda Department, Mianyang Jiangyou middle school high school students of grade 2014, Tang 20 noon from the dormitory fall dead, the public security organs in the investigation in a timely manner, reducing trouble after feeling, informed of the investigation to the family on the evening of 21, the current family the results of the survey agree. According to the public security organs investigation, at 12:50 on October 19, 2016 or so, Jiangyou high school teacher on duty in a routine inspection of the student dormitory, found that the students in bed playing mobile phone. In accordance with the provisions of school, the teacher on duty asked Tang over mobile phone, in the repeated requests after the rejection, Tang mood suddenly out of control, with a small desk to call the teacher on duty, was stopped by the students the same bedroom. The teacher on duty leave in the collection of mobile phone failed, the phone will report to the leadership and teacher tang. After receiving the report on duty leader, to the bedroom of the Tang Dynasty was criticized for its education, seized his mobile phone on the spot, and will inform the class leader. 19, 2009, at about 2 am, the grade leader to find the exchange of Tang, Tang realized to play the phone and do not obey the management to play the teacher’s mistake, promised to notify parents to school education. October 20th at about 10 in the morning, accompanied by the parents of the Tang Dynasty to the school moral education department, director of moral education, grade leadership, teacher and teacher on duty on behalf of the school of the Tang on the 19. In the study of Tang violation of the rules of the school play mobile phone and are not amenable to process management to teacher behavior, suggested that the school teacher on duty of Tang to drop out. In order to obtain understanding, Tang suddenly kneel to apologize, the presence of the teacher sees this scene immediately forward it up. Tang parents also follow to rushed to kneel down, by the presence of the teacher quickly help. Subsequently, moral education department director and alone to communicate with the teacher on duty, on duty teacher Tang accepted the apology and parents. According to the school regulations, give disciplinary probation Tang, Tang himself in "punishment decision" sign, then accompanied by their parents to return to the classroom. On the morning of 20 midway through the fifth English classes, Tang was father out of the classroom for about 3 minutes, and then return to the classroom to class to 12. 12 after school, Tang went straight back to the dormitory, through the retrieval of surveillance video display: Tang alone from the bedroom, directly to the 6 floor, and then jumped from 6. Immediately by the dormitory administrator and a dormitory back to the students found that the dormitory administrator immediately call 120 emergency phone. Because the day of the Jiangyou middle school is carrying out the national physical fitness test, not far from the dormitory to stop an ambulance, the name of the students back to the dormitory called the ambulance. Ambulance will be sent to the Tang Dynasty in Jiangyou Second People’s Hospital for emergency rescue, 17:30 Tang died after rescue. The public security organs on-site visits to collect the testimony of witnesses, the extraction of documentary evidence, the retrieval of the video data, and inspection of the scene to extract the relevant evidence and other evidence, investigation that: Tang primary death.相关的主题文章: