My mom! What is a lump on Lin Chiling’s leg It was a little scary! (video) ddrtys

My mom! What is a lump on Lin Chiling’s leg? It was a little scary! It is now the Taiwan’s first beauty ah, Lin Chiling recently participated in the activities, dressed in a pink chiffon dress, goddess temperament Pumianerlai, unstoppable. Even if it is Ling Ling squat, her style is still undeniable but careful look at her legs… I am a mom, what is this? Lin Chiling’s legs felt a little weird, a little too hard, not as soft as she was. Careful look at the words, this leg how there is a piece of a bulge of knots? But it seems that a little stout, with the upper Oh logically, Lin Chiling is a model body, legs should not have what problem but Lin Chiling’s recent activities according to do not know why, the leg is simply not like the model set haha, shortly before she was Tucao activities according to so stout legs not at all, is a model. Well, although sometimes, good angles, P place, the legs or quite big legs. And also to afford her seven meters a few tall. But after all, not every angle is perfect, not every figure as long as P can save the leg defects, so, a little careless, thick legs both sense ah… Qi force small skirt won’t get back this style. It is not only thick, there will be a lump, like the pink tulle skirt, in that a piece of the same, do not look smooth, soft. This is the model build? I heard Lin Chiling in order to maintain a good physique, still insist on exercise, some time ago on the Internet as a fitness Po, at first glance, this line is really Bang Bang Da ah, unlike those activities as above… But which one is not true, who knows?. The jar brother is clear, on the leg, Yuan Shanshan, Tang Yansheng. 87.75% interesting young people are watching "gossip". The App store search "talk", the new generation of intellectual interest and information platform. What is a lump on Lin Chiling’s leg? My mother is a little scary! 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast down down down相关的主题文章: