Nacapuli – Some New Twists To An Old

Hike beyond the Ojo Nacapuli, the amazing palm canyon north of San Carlos , is one of the most popular hiking destinations in this area. I had hiked as far as the final water hole (ojo) at least a dozen times with anyone who visited me in tow. But I only recently continued up the canyon. The path is sometimes hard to find, but if you keep heading up the ravine, you will reach the end of the path after about one hour. The view is worth it a sweeping vista up and down the adjacent valley, all the way to the water. Nacapuli Canyon starts out as an easy hike that moderate, requiring some scrambling over boulders, up loose rock hills and through a tunnel in the rocks. And after the ojo, there are challenging sections with some haul-it-over-rocks required. The path takes you through a narrow canyon surrounded by towering rock walls and lush green palm trees. The walls of the canyon are covered in various cacti, such as the ocotillo, cholla, and barrel. Beyond the ojo, the rocks are even more spectacular, going from a pink sand color to deep rust. Green palms stand against a red cliff background on a blinding blue sky canvas. More than just a great hike, Nacapuli offers bird-watching and an opportunity to explore native rocks, flora and fauna. Fresh water springs provide the canyon with a humid tropical micro-climate that makes for a refreshing break from the dry hot desert. Bike there and back Driving the dirt road to the canyon, you may not notice that there is an incline the whole way there something that painfully obvious when tackling the route by bike. The upside to biking there is that it’s all downhill home. While coasting home, it’s tempting to look at the view of the water in the distance. Several bone-jarring drops into potholes or over rocks in the road have reminded me to also keep an eye on where I’m going. There’s also plenty of wild life to distract you. I usually spot a number of interesting birds, including osprey and hawk. They are often perched on the tops of cacti, or soaring above the cliffs. Jackrabbit and roadrunner also frequent this area. If you haven’t yet explored Nacapuli, just do it. You won’t be disappointed, no matter how short your hike in. And if you think you’ve already seen it, try it with a twist. Author: Steve Schwab – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: