Naka Hiro I am very pleased that the British government approved the relevant nuclear power projects

Naka Hiro: I’m glad the British government approved the nuclear power project source: China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group sea the moon, puket. The Chinese people around the world celebrate the mid autumn festival festive days, news came from Europe, the British government formally approved the China Guangdong nuclear power and EDF HPC cooperation in the construction of nuclear power projects, which means to continue to promote the New England nuclear power projects has been the obstacle of all cleaning, cnpec officially entered the British nuclear power market. UK time on the morning of September 15th, the British government issued a formal statement, called on the HPC to carry out a comprehensive review of the project, and to start negotiations with the EDF, the British government decided to continue to promote the first twenty years of new nuclear power projects. In addition, the British government also put forward some new requirements, such as the completion of the project, such as the EDF to sell a controlling stake, need to be approved by the British government, and after the completion of the project, the British government will also have the right to intervene EDF sale. For the important infrastructure project that includes the nuclear power project, the British government will guarantee the implementation of new measures, such as the British government will occupy a certain share, and have the right to intervene in nuclear power plant control changes to ensure national security. The British government said in a statement, these new changes mean that Britain is still one of the most open economies in the world, and the public can also on foreign direct investment in the UK to play the best benefit and confidence. In this regard, China Guangdong the following statement: we are very pleased that the British government approved the project. Now we can with strategic partners the French power group said, according to plan forward related nuclear power projects Hinckley angle, sizewell and Bradwell, to provide a safe, reliable and sustainable low carbon energy for the uk. Guangdong and EDF have close cooperation for thirty years, which has laid a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation to promote the three new nuclear power projects in the uk. Cnpec expect rich experience in using thirty years of uninterrupted construction and operation of nuclear power, to meet the needs of future play an important role in the UK low carbon energy. As the first to enter the western developed countries Chinese nuclear power enterprise, China Guangdong nuclear power is in the process of British nuclear power projects in the course of striking one snag after another. Now, let us work together to review the difficult process of cnpec England: Guangdong to enter the international market’s footsteps began in the "11th Five-Year" period. In November 26, 2007, China Guangdong and EDF signed a global partnership agreement, cooperation in the joint investment of power station at home and abroad and support, expand technical cooperation and joint development of new technology. The next few years, China Guangdong by successively set up representative offices in Thailand, Turkey’s first nuclear power plant in Acoo especially project bidding, 3, No. 4 unit to communicate and negotiate with Romania related party construction in Romania and has Cernavoda nuclear power plant, and the Belarus Department of energy, the Vietnam national power company, Thailand state power company and Ukraine state nuclear power company, Czech energy company more than twenty counterpart enterprises or government departments signed a nuclear cooperation memorandum of understanding or letter of intent, accumulated into the international nuclear power market experience, for the subsequent exchanges, in the relevant market theory相关的主题文章: