Nanjing National Science Day activities opening the most fresh meteorite debut-519697

Nanjing National Science Day activities opening the most fresh meteorite debut children are curious to touch the meteorite. Popular graffiti last month came to earth as the history of "the fresh" meteorite, 500 years of heritage was the literati exclusive Jinling bamboo carving art…… Yesterday, jointly organized by the Nanjing Municipal Association, Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau, Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission of the Nanjing 2016 national science popularization day, opened at the Nanjing science and technology museum. The scene, the children can not only participate in science graffiti, understanding of the latest scientific knowledge, but also felt the magic meteorite, a free movie. The most fresh meteorite debut exhibition, which is the 24 month of last fall in Qinghai meteorite, called the freshest in history." Purple Mountain Observatory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences booth, the famous meteorite hunter, Zhang Bo, member of the international meteorite association to show the public to see the introduction. Modern Express reporter learned that this "fresh and warm" the meteorite is banma ordinary chondrites, came to Earth last month, while the National Science Day activities started, meteorite hunters took it and the people of Nanjing. In addition to the new "buddy", Zhang Bo also brought another two "big man", one of which is non directional northwest stone meteorite. People have to "hug", originally thought to be handled with care, the results we agreed that a small stone is so heavy". In this regard, the Purple Mountain Observatory science Wang Kechao explains: "the meteorite contains heavy metals, the density will be relatively large, looks not what the actual weight, very heavy." "Some people think that meteorites have radiation, in fact, the radiation is not as good as a piece of granite. Take them to the scene this time to get rid of prejudice." Wang Kechao said. The literati exclusive bamboo into people’s homes to half the length of the bamboo is polished, carved above the landscape or animal to true to life. "This is a piece of arm, on the desk to see men of literature and writing more." Jinling bamboo carving art museum curator Gu Zhenghong introduced. Gu Zhenghong said, Jinling bamboo is one of the intangible cultural heritage, is very popular in the late Ming Dynasty, "most elegant people in use, but now it is in the form of a more diverse, has entered ordinary people home." In Jinling bamboo carving art museum booth, the public can see, in addition to the arm rest, and bookmark cigarette bamboo works done and exquisite home. For example, carved with cloud filled the small cigarette case, don’t see only half a palm size, open is smelling fragrance of bamboo. Things on the inside is not easy to mold, it is easy to carry." Gu Zhenghong said. Children participate in science and technology graffiti show the most popular science will be the eye of the hundreds of meters of science graffiti. Nearly a hundred children and teachers kneeling in white, outlined his mind "city of science and technology". "This is a panda. It’s a polar bear, and a penguin. Next to the rabbit, they live together in the forest." 8 year old Jiang came to Nanjing science and Technology Museum in the morning of to participate in popular science graffiti, she told Modern Express reporter, his painting theme is Carnival science and technology forest festival". Unlike one Jiang forest city of science and technology, from the experimental primary school teacher Zhao Yuhua and students)相关的主题文章: