Nanjing was a day of torrential rain caused by a dormitory next to the landslide caused hundreds of g-area meru

Nanjing was a dormitory near the heavy rains landslides caused by hundreds of people trapped in the new Beijing, October 27 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen ran correspondent Liu Yutong Chen Huan) since October, Nanjing hit by torrential rain, 27, is located in the outskirts of the city, a company dormitory outside landslides phenomenon. That night, the reporter learned from the local police, landslides up to five floors, there are hundreds of people trapped in the vicinity of the district can not travel, the police have rushed to the rescue. Days of heavy rains in Nanjing City, a local suburb of a dormitory next to the landslide risk. Chen Huan, according to Nanjing, Pukou police said, because a series of heavy rains, is located in Nanjing City, 16 West Road, Pukou agricultural machinery company dormitory building next to a mountain slope of the surrounding mountains. The scene is high, the landslide is about 5 floors, this afternoon from the beginning of the mountainside there is a large area of mountain soil and the danger of heavy rainfall. The police isolated the safety belt on the landslide site. Photo by Chen Huan this afternoon, although local rain weakened, but at the scene can still see the original on the hillside, some construction bricks and iron bars all washed down most of the loess accumulation, with the rain into the low-lying flowing, blocking the main entrance near the district. At present, the police out of the police is to help rescue, transfer trapped people, isolated safety belt. (end)相关的主题文章: