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National day view Guide: 2016 National Day holiday to see what movies? – Hainan windows — 3D animated film "Robinson Crusoe" fixed gear announced October 4th, the film tells the story of the ocean by an animal dominated island is a storm broke the quiet, "the casual visitor" Robinson and animal owners staged a lovers all non encounters, the hedgehog skin stay even the Robinson strip as peeling; goats eat Robinson Amauri materials; the power of it. The Dragon tongue color tease dogs Michael plot mero will mengchuo audience bursting point. The movie box office very by the European Animation Studio NWAVE to create fresh, adorable funny clown, carnival theme of the story, will open a full of laughter adventure for the audience. Is the film "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere" as the main comedy adventure, carnival theme, the story originated from the traditional story of "Songzi stork", all kinds of distinctive character, attitude? Animal characters debut one by one, dedicated to a wonderful animation feast for the audience, the adorable treasure make the animal world comedy story behind a film is the lack of warmth. Whether it is because the parents to accompany and feel lonely boy was lost in the stork hill, but still want to return to the family of the heroine small Yu, have so many fans see laughter and tears. (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: