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In this test the registration deadline: the total number of over one million more than 300 jobs no one – Sohu news information: on November 29, 2015, in Shanxi, Taiyuan at a national civil service exam test center, candidates who started to enter the examination room. Wu Junjie taken nearly 8000 people competing for a job from the NLD central registration of individual positions, the countries take an examination of the most competitive positions can be locked for the NLD central office "director of the reception staff and the following position, the position described as" engaged in machine off official reception service, office conference and the activities of the preparatory work". As of 23 at 16:30, the only planned recruiting 1 people post registration number over the trial has 7727 people, the degree of competition is about to reach the "eight thousand election", "the way ahead in hot list ranked second position (1261:1). Expert analysis, the annual national examination registration, the hottest jobs are randomly appeared in the registration, with the occasional. However, the national examination called the hottest jobs have its inevitability. The position of the Central Committee of the Democratic League, no professional and political affiliation and other restrictions, requirements are relatively lax, these also lead to the position to attract candidates for the inevitable factors. It is worth mentioning that the NLD central national test, a total of 6 posts in recruiting, from office, organization department, political department, propaganda department and the Ministry of personnel, each position is recruiting 1 people. In addition to the heat of the office of the "reception section head and below" position, the two position from the NLD Central Political Department and the Organization Department, the competition ratio has reached 716:1 and 457:1, also more than the average competition ratio of the central organs of the party and the masses ".相关的主题文章: