National headquarters started typhoon flood emergency response defense IV No. 19 typhoon Aere freyja

National headquarters started typhoon flood emergency response grade defense No. 19 typhoon "Aere"     the positive and orderly conduct of preventive work — Environmental Protection — the nineteenth year typhoon "Aere" in October 6th 8 generation in the northeastern South China sea. In October 8th 16, the typhoon center is located in Hongkong East about 280 kilometers south of the sea, a magnitude of 10, is expected to gradually move westward, slowly increasing strength. Under its influence, China’s coastal areas in Southern China will have heavy rain, some small rivers may occur over the police flood. National headquarters earnestly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council instructions instructions, in accordance with the deployment of national headquarters deputy commander, Minister of water resources Chen Lei, a defense of the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" video connection meeting on the afternoon of October 8th, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, the organization of Hainan province (Autonomous Region) and joint consultation to Pearl Fangzong judged "development the dynamic changes of avery, to further refine the deployment of the typhoon flood prevention measures, requiring close surveillance around Taiwan to wind forecasting, encryption; eliminate careless thinking, and earnestly implement the anti typhoon flood duty; the early organization of fishing boats back to harbor, do the coastal operations personnel security danger; to strengthen water conservancy inspections for risk well reservoir in ensuring under the premise of safety; strict precautions against disasters, completes the city flood control and drainage; preset protection Windproof flood emergency rescue and disaster relief teams and supplies, strengthen security; close ties with the Liberation Army, the armed police force, strengthen the sector linkage command; organize and guide social mobilization and public opinion, make the greatest efforts to reduce disaster losses. Typhoon "Aere" may affect the province (autonomous region) to do the typhoon prevention work actively and orderly. Fujian Sheng Fangzhi in typhoon number before the organization consultation, research and deployment requirements around the coastal defense work, strengthen the duty on duty, organize fishing Beiche shelter. Guangdong Sheng Fangzhi start windproof emergency response grade requirements, strengthen the dynamic monitoring and early warning analysis, safe transfer of the sea, shore workers and mountain flood prone areas of the masses. Hainan province to strengthen the fishing boats back to harbor, issued a notice to the coastal cities and counties, earnestly implement the requirements of the fishing port safety management, no wind and sea. The Pearl River flood Fangzong start anti typhoon emergency response grade, continuous monitoring of Typhoon "Aere" trend, closely grasp around the strong winds, storm defense, strengthen the work of the information submitted. National headquarters at 8 days 17 when typhoon flood emergency response grade, also sent 2 working teams to Fujian, Guangdong, to assist local in flood prevention typhoons. (Zi Rui, Jiang Qi: the early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: