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Arts-and-Entertainment Weve already talked about NEIIndia Film and TV editing institute in the past. The company that promised to give quality training to film editing training to student using latest technology, is now part of BB MEDIA PVT LTD. NEIIndia is a well established Institute in MUMBAI for last 10 years providing international standard training in Film Editing is now part of BB MEDIA PVT LTD. BB Media Pvt Ltd is headed by two directors Mr. Bobby Bose & Mr. Bumba chatterjee. Bobby Bose Film editor is already working on the script. Shafi Wassan has been given the responsibility to write the script and they all are flying to east to some quiet place where they could indulge in script writing. This film would be directed by an experienced Film Editor who has edited many important films. The genre is satire. The film shooting should resume after August 2012 and should be released by end of this year. NEIINDIA is also planning to launch a new Branch in Ahmedabad by June. NEIINDIA is going big with its plan to expand itself across India thus giving opportunity to students from different part of the country. NEIINDIA also has a plan to introduce more scholarship seats in each branch to support the poor students. They are giving up to 70% to 80% scholarship to financially problem students. For latest news about film editing visit Film Editing Information Blog By Bobby Bose Film Editor It’s all About film editing latest news The giants in film industry undertake all the processes enclosed and do them in-house. But for the mediocre film makers, in-house processing involved in the movie and the ad campaigns has many risks. Some of them are overburdening of staff, price increase, wastage of creative time and energy etc. Much of the valuable time and energy is deviated to the string of editing processes which could have been easily diverted to many other necessary purposes. Message from Bobby Bose ——————————————— "Being a FILM EDITOR , I believe Indian film and TV industry’s need for authentic film editors is increasing every day. So the number of students I am giving to the industry from my existing branches in Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. is not enough that is why the plan of increasing more branches is laid. Probably by 2012 end, NEIINDIA will have at least 5 more branches in different part of the country.I does not believe in giving franchisee rather I insists on coming out with my own branches so that the quality of training is maintained everywhere. I want to see NEIINDIA to go international by 2015. I am planning to have few branches in Middle East. Film editing is a must skill if anyone wants to be in the film and TV industry. Film editors always have better clarity about the film making subject. Apart from training, film editor, I am also planning to produce and direct films. After almost 20 years in the industry, I feels that I can take the vital step towards direction now. The film which I am planning to produce is a satire "Good for Nothing" I am working on the script. ==================================================================== About the Author: 相关的主题文章: