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Network transmission G surname actress filming cliff "allegedly hurt does not light" Tencent entertainment news September 28th, certification called "circle child molester" friends in micro-blog issued a document called the network transmission of a G name actress reconnects, the hospital has not let out blocked messages. Broke the news users also drying out a dialogue screenshot. Netizens have speculated who injured actress. Then, at 28 noon, another suspected informed users in the original landlord angrily broke the news posted "fabricated facts", and pointed out that the so-called "cliff" actress is the mainland young actor Guo Ketong. In order to find out the truth, the reporter for this incident on Guo Ketong himself conducted a telephone interview. Guo Ketong said that before he did shoot accidentally occurred in high-risk shots, waist, arms, legs and many were severely damaged. But Guo Ketong recalls, although the scene is chaotic, there are many passers-by in the crowd to watch, but with the "cliff" without the slightest relevance, "some things are becoming more evil, in fact not so serious". While talking about the incident, Guo Ketong said he also just received news, said "I hope you do not mistake".相关的主题文章: