New energy car trumpchi GA5 PHEV on sale in Shenzhen sexhu

New energy car trumpchi GA5 PHEV on sale in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, GAC trumpchi new energy sales subsidiary has been incorporated in the early September, GAC trumpchi "five-star safety senior new energy vehicles" GA5 PHEV also immediately landed in Shenzhen market sales. This highly anticipated new energy cars have been selected for the Shenzhen new energy automotive sales catalog, enjoy the national and local subsidies totaling 61 thousand and 500 yuan, Car Buying free purchase tax, and Yaohao rate is almost 100%, to provide a new choice for consumers in Shenzhen on the Car Buying easily. Double subsidies 61 thousand and 500 yuan trumpchi to send thousands of yuan charge card with the Shenzhen motor vehicle license plate Yaohao success grow with each passing day, the difficulty of the current price has exceeded 40 thousand yuan, the Guangdong B license has become a scarce resource. In this case, enjoy the state preferential policies of the new energy vehicles become the eyes of consumers "xiangbobo", can be happy to choose suitable models. Looking for the new energy strategy based on the grasp and deep insight into the Shenzhen market, consumer demand, GAC trumpchi won the Shenzhen new energy sales qualification and through the national and municipal government subsidies certification, bring the safety of new energy vehicles for consumers in Shenzhen. Buy any GA5 PHEV models can enjoy state subsidies and local subsidies in 31 thousand and 500 and 30 thousand of the 1000 yuan special promotions trumpchi charge discount card, but also exempt from purchase tax, Shenzhen new energy free license. In 2016 GA5 PHEV Elite Edition as an example, the market guide price of 199 thousand and 300 yuan, government subsidies after the price is only 137 thousand and 800 yuan! GA5 PHEV Neiwaijianxiu: Lingyun wing front design, stylish atmosphere; body size reached 48002710 1484mm, wheelbase 2710mm, comparable to the joint venture B car, beat BYD, Beiqi new energy equivalent price a class of new energy vehicles, bring plenty of comfortable space experience; up to 320 litre trunk space and greatly enhance the convenience of daily use. "Three excellent" five-star safety, GA5 PHEV quality trustworthy heart price, the space inside the car comfort enough to allow consumers to go for GA5 PHEV. But the full range of care for the owners and passenger safety is an important reason for consumers to pay the final, especially as the power source of the core of new energy vehicles, have a worry, safe battery is a new energy vehicles, the key to success. Adhering to the "build a good car for the family concept, GA5 and PHEV using the United States A123 three yuan, the world’s leading Tesla lithium battery, high energy density and long life, the harsh extreme environment test and durability test, waterproof performance to achieve industry-leading level of IPX6 and magnetic radiation immunity of 100V m (European standard 30V m), the car is also equipped with a BMS battery management system, real-time monitoring of the battery status. It is worth mentioning that the GA5 PHEV crew cabin 95% using high strength steel as support frame beams, continuous and closed with front and rear, reaching C-NCAP five-star safety standards, collision can fully protect the battery and car.相关的主题文章: