New MacBook Pro 5 days on line sales of the previous generation sales of $78% barcarolle

The new MacBook Pro 5 days on-line sales of the previous generation 78% annual sales in November 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the latest release of Apple’s MacBook Pro on the line just 5 days, its sales have reached 2015 MacBook annual sales of 78%, is really a good news for apple. The new MacBook Pro 5 days on the line sales of the previous generation of sales of $78% this data from market research firm Slice Intelligence. Reported that, in addition to a substantial lead in sales of 2015 MacBook, the new MacBook Pro sales or Microsoft released a year ago Surface Book sales of 4 times. The new MacBook Pro 5 days on-line sales of previous annual sales of 78% however, it may also be because Apple over the years of MacBook big update, the new MacBook Pro equipped with Touch Bar function to meet the user’s expectations, although this function is more suitable for professionals. Slice Intelligence based on 4 million 400 thousand online shopping users found that many consumers waiting for a long time in the process of apple MacBook change, instead choose to buy a laptop Windows system. Among them, in 2014 to buy Apple laptop users, 40% of the purchase of another brand. Apple’s new MacBook Pro is smaller and lighter, the starting price of $1499 (about 10167 yuan), the high-end models equipped with eye-catching touch design, it can replace the traditional function keys, macOS system can also rely on Apple’s implementation of many applications. Price, a new 13 inch version of the MacBook Pro for 11488 yuan (Touch Bar), 13 inch MacBook Pro (Touch Bar+Touch ID) version is priced at 13888 yuan, 15 inches Version (Touch Bar+Touch ID) is 18488 yuan.相关的主题文章: