Ningbo 1 District of hot water tap water not problem is cable trouble-darren hayes

Ningbo 1 District of hot water tap water not problem is cable trouble "reporter comrades, you come here to see us. These two days to put out the tap water is hot, even today, the cement road will smoke." Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Lin Ningbo people broke into the newspaper hotline broke. Hot water from the tap? Reporters wanted to see what happened before. Cement fever, hot water outflow of Mr. Lin ningzhou in Jiangdong District of Xiang Ning Zhou Cun tap. When reporters arrived, the scene gathered a total of more than 20 residents, several people dressed in blue uniforms busy. Mr. Lin said that several uniformed staff members of the electricity board. Mr. Lin told reporters to a cottage door, which is a barber shop. Yesterday, the weather is not good, when the rain, the ground is wet, but the barber shop is a very dry area. Reporter looked up, and there is no shelter. "You can feel it. It’s still hot." Reporters hand to touch the dry cement, the ground is really warm. Subsequently, Mr. Lin told reporters to the barber shop next door residents try the water temperature. Lee lives here is the mother, the water turned to the direction of the cold water after the opening, the beginning of the water is not very cool, but not to the point of heat. After ten seconds, the water temperature rises. Ms. Lee’s sister in the barber shop opposite the residential building has a rental housing. The day before yesterday, the tenants reflect to them, out of the tap water is hot, do not wash bath. When they measure the temperature of more than and 70 degrees. After looking at the water company found no problem with water pipes yesterday, even the ground began to heat. A small piece of open space at the barber shop and even water vapor. Yesterday, Ms. Lee, who first called the tap water company. After checking the water company staff found that the water pipes do not have any problems, it is recommended that they turn to the electricity sector. About two o’clock in the afternoon, the power company staff arrived. Mr. Lin said that after the staff arrived at the scene, they first at the barber shop in a wet position with the instrument test for a while, showing 110V, and then went to the residents of the building to find a position to measure a bit, showing 220V. Reporters learned from the mouth of the electric power company staff, they are after receiving a call from the public to come over, each line is one by one detection. Soon, the news came that the problem had been found. This line is received from the ground floor of the West community activity center, the water temperature and high ground heating are related to the fault cable. The culprit is a power company found "cable" power company staff will be out of the question after the line cut, and then testing, returned to normal at the same location, residential electricity is restored. Zhou Meng community neighborhood committee staff told reporters that in the typhoon "Meranti" after second days, activity center of power, they immediately find the power staff were detected, that the problem on the cable, in need of repair. Just as they were looking for the installation team, the budget, and the streets, Mr. Lin, the water was hot. Ju wei.相关的主题文章: