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North is now auto financial services to dealers, second-hand car extension of the meaning of the Phoenix car news running, can only personally experience, to understand. In September 11th, Beijing modern automobile finance "I am 10 km run" run after four months, the thirteen game station, in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park ending. As an auto financing company, "I ran" such cross-border activities, its significance and the running of the meaning is the same, Jiaozhang Li general manager of Beijing Modern Automobile Finance Co. Ltd. and Beijing Modern Automobile Finance Co. Ltd. sales director of the forest by participating in the 10 km run, has been run with the spirit of the automobile finance service. "In 2016, Beijing Hyundai Motor Finance Co., Ltd. is shouldering the social responsibility, every runner is chasing, which also symbolizes the continuous progress of Chinese society." As a runner, Ye Lin said, "I was running" 10 km run, arouse the enthusiasm of running their own, running activities of the Beijing Railway Station ending does not mean that "I am the last runner" activities, I hope everyone to love to run the healthy way of life continues, Beijing modern automobile finance we look forward to the future to continue to get together and communicate enthusiasm run belief: enjoy sports, happy running!" What do you want to do when you are running? This is the Phoenix car after the end of the 10 km run, the first question of Li Jiaozhang. He replied: in the running process, not only can see the beautiful scenery, the most important thing is that he can see the smile on the face of the runners, which represents the Chinese people’s happiness index in improving. Jiaozhang Li, general manager of Beijing Modern Automobile Finance Co. Ltd. (left three) and the Beijing Modern Automobile Finance Co. Ltd. sales director of the forest (left) it is reported that the Beijing modern automobile finance has been established for 4 years, the contract amount currently has more than 700 thousand orders, the number of customers reached 500 thousand, the total amount of loans more than 50 billion yuan. Behind these figures, on the one hand, from the customer’s trust in the modern automobile finance in Beijing, on the other hand is the consumer’s perception of financial products and changes in consumer attitudes." Analysis of forest to phoenix. It is reported that, after the Beijing Hyundai Motor finance is more to provide financial services to end customers, from the beginning of this year, in addition to continuing to provide services to end customers, we are also facing the dealer. In the future, it will gradually dabble in a number of alternative forms of financing leases, including the second-hand car market, etc.." Said the. Beijing modern financial vehicles in the car to meet the needs of consumers. Financial products sinking now China’s Internet platform, the financial Internet platform is also developing very fast, Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance with some other Internet car finance compared to what advantage? Lin said: on the brand, Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance to understand the brand’s customer needs, according to customer needs to match the brand’s products. "We design products, in addition to their own customer standard, but also with the host plant, not only in terms of channels, and product strategy and etc.." In addition, the 456 line of the city to solve the purchase and maintenance convenience, Beijing modern finance will cooperate with the host plant in the completion of A.相关的主题文章: