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Not brave fearless, but is still afraid of courage to face the Sohu with the arrival of maternal Lidongben, the year of the monkey is nearing its end, and today we talk about our most familiar monkey — Wukong, about Mahatma happens on Mars the bizarre incident, this story is included in the original picture book "Wu Pu Lan Pu good!" The third series — "Mars adventure" in. "Wukong, good" series of the top two topics were "good" and "strength", do not know how many people have seen, still love? The book "Mars adventure" is "Wukong, good" series of third books, with courage and courage as the theme, and the top two in the earth or the moon is different, the story happened on another planet – Mars: the arrival of summer, Goku and his companions to Mars exploration, many amazing thing happened…… Childhood is an important stage of personal growth, is to let the life have the vitality of spring, "Mars adventure" is to explore Mars for Goku and the students an interesting starting point of development, rich imagination and environmental awareness, help children broaden imagination. Sidesplitting "Wukong, good" series first, let’s back up a bit "Wukong, good" series of the top two are: 2012, launched the first "Wukong,! "Good" as the theme. This book won the 2013 "windmill" international original picture book award. Good start. In 2014, launched the second "small whale home" to "strength" as the theme. Speaking of this, Ma Yu, and Xiang Hua must come to an author photo this year launched the "Mars adventure", is "courage" and "courage" as the theme. Speaking of this series, we have to start from the monkey. He said, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the TV drama "journey to the west" in the sun. "Wukong, good!" The birth of the series is also relevant. The painter Ma Yu childhood love to see "journey to the west", and as the fairy had a handsome boy, Wukong this image can be said that the more there is her heart shadow. So, this series is the first image after the story. To do with the image of the protagonist — Wukong for having heard it many times, the traditional smart and rich sense of intimacy. But this series occurred in the monkey body’s story, but there are a lot of fantasy elements, the "Mars adventure" and added some environmental theme. Will you be curious: why do you want to go to Mars? Let’s talk about Mars – 1 of the eight planets of Mars: Mars is closer to the planet earth, whether there is life on Mars, humans have had doubts. Mars is basically a desert planet, sand dunes, gravel, there is no stable liquid water. The atmosphere of carbon dioxide is thin and cold, and the dust is suspended. "Mars uncle Martin" (released in 1997) and a series of science fiction film and television works and enrich the imagination of mankind on mars. 2 the author’s fire.相关的主题文章: