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Not known baby N sensitive period! Abstract: in the process of the baby’s growth is not much more than some of the behavior of parents can not understand, it must be that parents do not know the child in each period there is a sensitive period. Many parents will mistakenly think that the child’s bad habits, and blame the child, in fact, this is not conducive to the growth of the baby. Glossary: the sensitive period of the so-called sensitive period, refers to the growth process in 0-6 years, driven by the intrinsic vitality of children, in a period of time, to absorb something in the environment of nature, process and repeated practice. After a sensitive period, the children’s mental level will rise from one level to another. Children’s sensitive period is also elastic, children 0-6 years of age, if the sensitive period did not get good development, to the 6-12 years there will be a chance to make up for, but there is a premise, that is 6-12 years old, children must have a loving and free environment. But the reality is that under the pressure of learning, children of this age are very little help and care. They can’t get the tolerance and love from their parents before the age of 6, and they can’t get the respect from the adult. In the chaotic state of mind, they grow up alone. Just as smart as a newborn baby 10 years ago, I asked a lot of children’s mother: "do you understand the growth characteristics of 0-6 years old children?" Some mothers do not understand, others think about their mother, look at some of the early education books, teach children to read and count very early. Of course, there are a part of the mother to understand the process of life growth, know that this is a science. However, this part of the mother too little. When life is conceived in the womb, the children of the world are basically at a starting point. The gap between the adult and adult like Tianrang basically grow up from childhood, this is the secret of all. Two sensitive period baby few parents know that babies of bright and dark places of interest, rather than the ball. Parents know that infants eat, many parents see their children eat as long as the hand took the child’s hand, they do not know the child is in the understanding of the world, in his mouth to try, feel, and even some abstract concepts, such as soft and hard, the children are used to recognize the mouth. I once told an example of a child, left hand holding his right hand holding a towel, comb, comb bite, bite his towel, he was feeling soft and hard. Unfortunately, his parents did not put the concept of matching, did not tell him that it is soft, it is hard. Many parents have found that children at a certain time of love throwing things, you pick it up for him, he’ll let you away to pick up; finally just built good blocks, a child suddenly pushed to the ground, let you see the barrier; give children buy English tapes, want him to learn a foreign language, can he’s not interested in listening to, and handling in the back and forth on the tape, and may even turn the recorder damaged…… What are the reasons behind these phenomena? Parents do not understand. We know that this is a sensitive period of the arrival of the child’s space, he is doing everything in the perception of three-dimensional space, the construction of spatial intelligence. [Abstract] in baby.相关的主题文章: