Not to be lost! The warriors slashed the odds to win the Second World War to your life-steam_api.dll

Not to be lost! The warriors slashed the odds to win the Second World War to your life? The Warriors must defying the Beijing time on October 29th morning, the warriors will visit the pelican. The defeat of the first battle, let the warriors bear enormous pressure of public opinion. In order to dispel doubts, the warriors in the next round of combat must not be any deviation. The odds of winning this war are only 1, 1.17, compared with last year’s game against pelican, the reduction is very obvious. The warriors ate a head-on blow now they must be very miss, Bogut rebounds and cover. Yingshang inside configuration, let the bright starlight warriors, seemed to float in midair, shaky. After a fall a reel, they found themselves standing on the edge of the cliff. One more game, and the ghost knows what the public opinion is going to call them. Tomorrow’s rival pelican is not a good deal, "Davies eyebrows brother" Anthony – for the Warriors is like a time bomb. Because the first, the injury with eyebrows brother explosive data show: 50 +16 +7 +5 +4 cap broken plate! Such a strong destructive force, it is the most dreaded warrior. His unstoppable odds company gave us some clues. At the beginning of the November 1st season, the pelican played against warriors. At that time the warriors wins at odds of 1 / 1.50. A year later, the same is the beginning of the season, while vs is the pelican warriors, but wins the odds have been lowered to 1 / 1.17. The magnitude of the adjustment is worth paying attention to. Over the same period the odds contrast probability of events is still hard to win the warriors, two games, let the new lineup of running into a virtuous cycle in. The company take the initiative to reduce the odds of winning odds, in order to control the cost of payment after. Prediction model of small intelligent Sina lottery developed independently, this game gives a more detailed analysis of big data. Click to see more forecasts tomorrow! ]

不容有失!勇士赢球赔率大幅下调 次战要玩命? 勇士必须玩命了   北京时间10月29日上午,勇士将做客挑战鹈鹕。首战的惨败,让勇士队承受着巨大舆论压力。为了打消质疑,次轮作战的勇士队绝不能再有任何偏差。本战勇士赢球赔率只有1赔1.17,对比去年对阵鹈鹕的比赛,下调幅度非常明显。   勇士吃到了当头一棒,如今的他们一定无比怀念博古特的篮板和掩护。内线配置的硬伤,让这支星光璀璨的勇士队,仿佛飘在半空中,根基不稳。一上来就摔了一个大趔趄之后,他们发现自己已经站在悬崖边了。再输一场,鬼知道舆论会把他们骂成什么样。   明天的对手鹈鹕队并不好对付,“浓眉哥”安东尼-戴维斯对于勇士来说就像是一枚定时炸弹。因为首战当中,伤愈复出的浓眉哥拿下爆炸性的数据表现:50分+16板+7断+5助+4帽!如此强大的破坏力,正是勇士最忌惮的。 浓眉无可阻挡   赔率公司给我们留下了一些线索。去年11月1日赛季初,鹈鹕主场对阵勇士。当时勇士客胜的赔率为1赔1.50左右。一年后的今天,同样是赛季初,同时是鹈鹕vs勇士,但客胜的赔率已经下调至1赔1.17。这番调整幅度之大,值得引起关注。 同期赔率对比   大概率事件依然是,勇士要玩命赢下第二场比赛,让新阵容的磨合进入一个良性循环中。赔率公司主动降低胜方的赔率,以便控制赛后赔付的费用。新浪彩票独立开发的小炮智能预测模型,对本场比赛给出了更为详尽的大数据分析过程。[点击查看明日更多预测!]相关的主题文章: