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Nouveau riche antique shop scam: receive send greetings lobular red sandalwood bracelet bracelet lobular red sandalwood stain is found on the ordinary wooden bead bracelet called lobular red sandalwood Chongqing evening news reporter recently received a reader to reflect, said through a friend, a "nouveau riche", "nouveau riche" just opened an antique shop, now just Send a blessing, you can receive a total of nearly 2000 yuan on two lobular red sandalwood bracelets, the reader did receive a bracelet. Is this really a pie in the sky? Chongqing evening news trainee reporter Yang Hua Intern Tang Yulian photo coverage experience: step by step into the pit more to mention the more the Chongqing evening news reporter with the "nouveau riche" WeChat "a certain antique city". Journalista "grand opening" greetings, the other responded: "Hello, my friend introduced to participate in the activities?" Get a positive answer, antique city, said: since it is a friend, in accordance with the prompts to receive it." Then sent a message to ask reporters to send a picture with her head to the circle of friends, can not be deleted after the screenshot, then you can receive a gift. The effect of these words is: a friend antique shop opened today, and now she say "WeChat opened their doors, send the value of 998 yuan a bunch of lobular red sandalwood (support country inspection), and there is a parcel of 108 lobular red sandalwood…… Fake a lose ten. The reporter sent in accordance with the other requirements of the circle of friends and screenshots, "antique" ask the delivery address, but also sent a new requirement: "the first with the micro signal used to text message assistant all your friends, send a successful screenshot to me, we put a parcel of extra leaflets a sample of OPPO mobile phone and red opportunity group said two couples." Attached to the mass of the steps. Reporters said: do not need couples." She is very reluctant to say that still can be shipped. She said the event was organized to promote. After the reporter received a bracelet, you need to pay 19 to $35 courier freight, as long as the praise and take a photo sent to a circle of friends, she will be in the form of WeChat red envelope shipping costs. Identification: red paint wearing a bad body after a week, the reporter received a package. The parcel delivery is written in Anhui, which has a small brown and a two string bracelet, leaflets, write a jewelry brand online flagship store grand on the line, 20 million Yuan Hao ceremony does not stop. Courier staff charged 35 yuan freight, and then revealed: to the weight and distance of this package, the maximum freight will not exceed $10, if the volume of shipments, but also cheaper." Reporters will get three gorges antique Bracelet lobular red sandalwood identification, negative on the first floor of a store with lobular red sandalwood female boss came to see less than 1 seconds and smiled: "this is false, a look that is painted wood, not so bright." Female boss wearing gloves, are sold out from the lobular Rosewood container, two String Bracelet color contrast was not the same, really lobular red sandalwood each bead color are not the same, carefully observe the beads above there are fine grain, bow snuffed the sandalwood fragrance. This reporter in the hands of the beads.相关的主题文章: