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This year oil prices down fourth times analysts forecast the next round or cut the financial Sohu – the national development and Reform Commission announced, in September 18th 24, the domestic price of gasoline and diesel (standard, the same below) were down 155 yuan per ton and 150 yuan. This is the fourth time in the domestic refined oil retail prices down. "This cycle of crude oil market news overall bearish, investors had to freeze production agreement optimistic in crude oil gradually slowed, rising momentum halted early." Www oil analyst Li Ye said, because the number of American petroleum drilling continues to grow, the dollar index has relatively strong performance, coupled with the three agencies are not optimistic about the future of the oil market monthly performance, multiple negative force push prices in the current round of half cycle significantly lower. Therefore, led to the current round of domestic refined oil prices. Oil analysts predict that the next round of price adjustment cycle, the domestic refined oil retail prices or usher in a downward. Lung Chung Petrochemical Network Analyst Li Yan believes that the current international crude oil prices, the next round of oil price adjustment will start to maintain a downward trend, but the rate at 100 yuan per ton or less than. However, the recent international oil price trend is still weak, and the supply and demand of high inventory of bad prices significantly suppressed. "This month, important events including the Fed meeting and OPEC meeting, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates even if not also throws a hawkish speech, and OPEC reached a frozen production agreement the difficulty is still very large. These are bad expectations for oil prices. The next round of domestic oil prices is expected to reduce the probability of grounding larger." Li Yan said. Www oil analyst Wang can also believe that in the frozen production news and excess supply tug, oil prices fluctuated or still. This year, the retail price of refined oil has repeatedly adjusted to zero price expansion. Some analysts believe that this round cut implemented, gas station will slightly reduce the zero price. China imported a total of 32 million 850 thousand tons of crude oil in August, about 7 million 770 thousand barrels a day, the highest in April. Low oil prices forced state-owned oil companies to gradually close the operating cost of high oil fields, more dependent on imports of crude oil supply." JOYOU Information Analyst Lv Chenchen told reporters, the first working day after the mid autumn festival market atmosphere has not been fully restored, coupled with the international crude oil is expected to weaken, with the implementation of this round of price adjustment, domestic gasoline and diesel prices will continue steady decline slightly.相关的主题文章: