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On the movie "passing from your world:" this is not love but hypocritical – Beijing identification object: "release date of passing from your world": September 29th * * * * * red jujube 5.6 * assumes 8% assumes 17% * * * * * * * 36.1% you can feel it 23.4%. You can feel you can feel 15.5% (score from watercress) tab by Fan Yinglan Zhang Jiajia novel of the same name film "passing from your world" has already earned more than 600 million yuan, director Zhang Yibai very happy, said in an interview "finally to the film market has injected a stimulant cold". Zhang Jiajia is certainly very happy, the first screenplay of the film will be able to have this result, in advance for his director’s work up morale. But the film is not very happy to see me, with the original novel has given me a little touched. Why? Because there is no detail in the film, it is a dramatic turn. Zhang Jiajia’s original story although there are a lot of the idea of the plot, but somehow text style, detail account is clear enough, love is how it happened, how to change the taste, why lovers eventually became strangers, all traceable. However, in the movie, the characters are flat, the love story is simple, and the worst thing is that you can’t find the answer. First Deng Chao, Du Juan, the main line of chicken. Deng Chao and Du Juan is a couple on campus, because of a bet and come together, together to do campus programs, graduated from the same radio. Gold DJ Du Juan suddenly in the show when Deng Chao broke up with, why should choose to talk about personal affairs at work? Maybe the director feels more dramatic. Deng Chao was unable to get up after a fall program rating has plummeted. Why can he Poguanposhuai? In retaliation for the Du? Did not want to understand. Deng Chao in the most lost when he became an intern, in her efforts, the popularity of the program rose. Not only that, but also a chicken chicken Deng Chao and Du Juan compound, because she wants to become a quiet warm little sun of the sun, the sun, and so on. Why is there such a strong love for Deng Chao? Because she had heard of Deng Chao’s birthday when he was alone, when Deng Chao said he was going to Daocheng with a loved one. If you have a lonely birthday, probably do not believe it will be warm? Followed by Yue Yunpeng and Liu Yan. It is not the goddess Liu Yan campus Belle class on Yue Yue, but the goddess is student report stole the money, small Yue Yue firmly do not believe all work to save money to pay back the money to the owner, as the name of the goddess. But, why pay the owner will be able to prove that the goddess is innocent? The goddess was touched by the small Yue Yue, after graduating from a country not to break up, because of the small Yue Yue in China live frugally is her atm. When the goddess returned, Xiao Yue ready to marry him, the results of the other party to break up. So the audience to see the big screen on the back of the car chasing the goddess in the back of the car crying and ran, but also to the world to sell snacks, are also selling goddess love to eat. The director is probably want to express this pure love heaven and earth,.相关的主题文章: