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What routine: cheap goods online shopping traps as bait account money – Beijing also cheated 447 million people online shopping trap, new old tricks everyone must beware of reporter Shu Xiangyu integrated interview according to the national Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released last month at the beginning of "Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of June 2016, Internet users China the size of up to 710 million, mobile phone users reached 656 million. Which online shopping users reached 447 million, accounting for the overall Internet users of mobile phone users reached 400 million. Sea Amoy a pair of shoes cheated 200 thousand, card obviously no money how also cheated 9500 yuan"…… Users are most worried about the things you want to buy did not hand, but the money was set off liar. Today, online shopping trap in the end what routines and changes? Online shopping trap more concealed   love liar these new packaging   the production of phishing sites scam liar by a real shopping website of low-priced goods. Buyers take goods ready to pay, a close deals, and induce buyers to use QQ to talk, waiting to send the website interface with the original false link agreement, payment account, password and payment for buyers. Master weapon: try not to use the shopping site outside of the communication or payment; pay attention to domain difference screening scam sites, such as similar letters, different suffixes, multi search comparison shopping site, to determine the truth. Low priced goods as bait liar registered more than QQ account micro signal, in the circle of friends in the circle of the sale of cheap mobile phones and other digital products false information. In contact with the buyer to buy, in order to pay the deposit, customs taxes and other reasons, cheat buyers money. Master weapon: the use of Alipay and three party payment, avoid direct transfer payment; not petty, loss of judgment. Two dimensional code Trojan to buy a ticket to buy a concert, the online ticket sent to the two-dimensional code requires payment to buy coupons. According to the requirements of the buyer to pay, the other said the system error, can not be submitted to the two-dimensional code to re scan. Master weapon: many viruses can be used to scan two-dimensional code communication, information, money to steal users into the mobile phone after. Shopping is recommended to maintain security software open, regularly killing the virus, to understand the two-dimensional code and don’t read. Cheat user authentication code liar to buy customer information from the Internet, posing as the official website customer service, fictional system problems resulting in payment failure. Subsequently, on the grounds of refund, lured buyers to provide bank card number, ID number and other information. Then, crooks buy game cards in the other sites using this information, and to verify the information provided by the buyer to refund verification code, cash profit. Master weapon: professional shopping sites generally do not need to refund buyers special operations, in accordance with the payment way back to the payment account; the verification code may involve the transfer payment, open fast payment, do not provide to others. The new phenomenon of online shopping trap   no money in the account will be cheated   sea Amoy shoes cheated 200 thousand last month, Miss Zhang sea Amoy a pair of shoes, when"相关的主题文章: