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"-ONLINE-" version of Chinese sword flurry show CICF EXPO! Experience Chinese demo version of the game! Involved in the collection chapter forging knife award! The process to reach the sword down in a flurry of booth booth activities: experience Chinese demo version of the game: collect material: Seal forged knife in forging knife draw down to win a limited simulation scene surrounding welfare can not only to experience the Chinese version of the sword a flurry of game demos, as well as the opportunity to get genuine hand done, sword pill 18 Fennec clay, character posters, handbags etc. beautiful surrounding! Winning rate 100%! A limited number of delivery is completed! Coordinate CICF EXPO [A04] -ONLINE- Chinese booth booth sword flurry version time: introduction 201610 1-10 5 products: "-ONLINE-" version of Chinese sword flurry Webpage Game, Mobile Games by family travel network exclusive distribution. The game tells the story in the 2205 ad, "the government" to counter the intention to change the history of "historical revisionism", "the God" to all age fighting. Game player will become the "God" in the game, the ancient sword hidden in the wake of power, leading from the birth of sword to the sword "men", and "revisionists" confrontation to protect history. The event by the Shanghai tour family network fully involved相关的主题文章: